I have terrible news..

I think you should probably sit down for this. I don't know how to break this to you, so im just going to go ahead and say it: the page you were looking for.. It couldn't be found. I am so sorry.

This is probably because of the following:

  • I Probably lost the page.
  • I realised the page was rubbish and deleted it.
  • I never realised the page was rubbish - it was deleted in an unavoidable attack of idiocy. (The one that I'm currently suffering from, which started several weeks before birth).
  • The page was deleted by one of my monkey henchmen. If this is the case, I will seek vengance. If it's any use, a search engine can automatically examine this website and automatically discover humorous pages.
    If you would like google to discover them,
    click Detect Humor
  • I clicked on the "What does this button do..." menu and then clicked the big red button tab, causing *BOOM*
  • The page was stolen, if you see anyone carrying around a chunk of cyberspace that looks like my page, apprehend them! (Or prod them slightly and run off giggling, but giggle in a manly way.)
  • Whatever website I stole it from realised I took it.
  • The FBI finally managed to shut me down.
  • The page was gambled away in Vegas in a last ditch attempt to win back the family house/pet.