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Crazy Crash Landing in Guadeloupe
The island, officially is St. Barthelemy, but everyone calls it St. Barts and yes, this is the St. Barts
Airfield, with St. Jean beach and bay in the background.
The airstrip runs downhill, but the prevailing wind blows right on the nose.
The various inter island airlines that come in here all fly Dehavlind Twin Otters. They come
through the gap in the hill, nose up, about 10 to 15 knots above stall speed, virtually fly down the hill side,
still holding the nose position. The pilot hits reverse pitch, virtually at touchdown, and makes his
exit from the runway at the taxiway, on the right, halfway down the runway.
The guy in this video, is probably coming into St. Barts for the first time. He's got the
power pulled all the way off, props are windmilling, but he's way too high. Dives for the runway,
which gives him way too much speed, hasn't touched down until he's past the exit taxiway, he's a dead man walking!
Actually not, because the beach and water are shallow and fairly smooth. There are usually several wrecks,
pulled off to the left side of the runway, at the beach, by a local tractor.
Tourists typically stand around at the top of the hill, just to watch the show.

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