Death Row Serial Killer Quiz

So, you think you're a pretty good person: you call your mom on Mother's Day, you always try to give your employer two week's notice and you make a conscience effort to control your spending habits before filing bankruptcy. You think of yourself as a person who loves children and who is always kind to the elderly.

Think again.

Take the Death Row Serial Killer Quiz* below to examine your true American Pie potential. You will either find that your thinking is right on the money - or possibly - a bit skewed. Either way, have some fun during the next couple minutes (you're not required to advertise the results!)

1. What is your gender? Male Female
2. Are you Caucasian? Yes No
3. Do you tend to enjoy yourself more when you're with others? Yes No
4. If you noticed a neighbor undressing through a crack in the window covering, would you instinctively look away and forget about it? Yes No
5. As a rule, do you usually sleep through the night? Yes No
6. Do you tend to catch yourself daydreaming occasionally while at work? Yes No
7. Do you think that your appearance is typically above-average? Yes No
8. Do you tend to fly off the handle more often that you wish you would? Yes No
9. Are you relieved that you have never suffered from periodic or chronic headaches? Yes No
10. Do you consider yourself accident prone? Yes No
11. Do you have at least one phobia you can't explain? Yes No
12. Is your IQ slightly above average? Yes No
13. Do you now or typically have a significant other in your life? Yes No
14. Do you have or have you ever had any eating problems? Yes No
15. Do you tend to tell little white lies to get yourself out of uncomfortable situations? Yes No
16. Have you ever started a fire in an unconventional place? Yes No
17. Have you ever stolen something and then justified it in your heart of hearts? Yes No
18. Were you successfully toilet trained at a conventional age? Yes No
19. Do you tend to be a bit rebellious? Yes No
20. Have you ever destroyed some of your possessions to satisfy anxiety or a grudge? Yes No


You scored

SCORE: 1 - 5
You can relax. More importantly, your family, friends and co-workers can relax. If possible, thank your parents every chance you get.

SCORES 6 - 10
Not to worry -- you're not a threat to society. Although a few quirks in your personality may present some challenges in life, those same idiosyncrasies may very well explain the reason your name continues to appear on "A" party lists.

SCORES 11 - 15
We're not going to label you borderline, but the Death Row staff would sleep better at night knowing the word "psychotherapy" is part of your vocabulary.

SCORES 16 - 20
Not to upset your day -- but we're concerned. It might just be sheer coincidence or simply one of life's naughty little pranks that has placed you in the same profile category as Ted Bundy, Albert DeSalvo and Jeffrey Dahlmer. Heck, what do we know? However, we do recommend that if you are currently employed by the U.S. Postal Service, it may be the perfect time to consider a career change?

* Death Row's Serial Killer Quiz and Scores are presented in jest and are not meant to be interpreted literally. Hope you've had some fun along the way.


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