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The Cost of Illegal Immigration 2012

They Come to America (Spring 2012). The documentary takes a non-partisan look at the human and financial cost of illegal immigration and the risks of a lawless and wide open US / Mexico border.
The film focuses on the human and financial costs of illegal immigration. We filmed over the span of 14-months (Oct 2010 - Nov 2011) and journeyed through Arizona, California, Illinois, Florida, DC, New York and Colorado. The debates, events, people, and places we captured went beyond my expectations. We never turned the camera off, and we never allowed our opinions to sway the film. Basically, when it comes to the topic of illegal immigration, this is a first-of-its-kind film.
We faced heavy resistance. The first came from politicians. Members from both sides of the aisle avoided answering tough questions. When we said their rhetoric was unacceptable, they ran from us, literally. We captured it all on film.
We were constantly stopped by BP Agents when they saw us filming in areas where crossing happen daily. At first, we figured it was a security measure. But the interrogations continued long after it was determined we were not terrorists or members of a drug cartel. I was forced to speak with a BP Supervisor who demanded more details. "The film is about illegal immigration", I said. "I need more specifics.", demanded the Supervisor.

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