This is a gossip tidbit page featuring info culled from Usenet groups (alt.gossip.celebrities, alt.gossip.showbiz, etc) ,websites (fametracker.com, isheshegay.com, migtybigtv.com), and other tabloid sources. These are allegations and I am not liable for anything printed here; the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in June that Web loggers, website operators and e-mail list editors can't be held responsible for libel for information they republish, extending crucial First Amendment protections to do-it-yourself online publishers. Updated constantly with new information!. 

Name-Adrian Paul
Dirt- his roving eye led to the end of his marriage; former brother in law of Miguel Ferrer
Name-Aida Turturro
Dirt-tends to act very obtrusive in public so that people will recognize her as that chick from the Sopranos
Name-Aiden Shaw
Dirt-HIV positive porn star who also prostitutes himself (amazingly, he has many buyers); he also fancies himself to be a good writer, although someone who read a first draft of one of his manuscripts recommends he stay in the porn business
AJ Mc Lean Dirt-this Backstreet Boy loves giving the ladies backdoor action; also likes rough sex, see groupiecentral.com for more info

Name-Alanis Morrissette
Dirt-unfriendly person
Name-Alexanda Wentworth
Dirt-cheapskate, returned flower arrangements to florist after wedding for full refund; married to the nelly acting George Stephanopoulos
More dirt-allows husband to have gay affairs
Name-Ali Landry
Dirt-unfriendly to fans; horrible lumpy breast implants placed too high on her chest
Name-Alicia Keys
Dirt-absolutely loves pussy
Name-Alicia Silverstone
Dirt-fortunately has lost her baby fat
Name-Alsyon Hannigan
Dirt-Buffy crew likes her better than Sarah Michelle
More dirt-enjoyed being mean to Amber Benson; once poured water on Sarah Michelle for the fun of it; used to date a member of Marilyn Manson
Name-Alyssa Milano
Dirt-as actually eaten shit; on one movie set in Canada, she infuriated a propmaster and after bitching him out, she ordered him to get her something off the craft services table (food bar). He got her a hot dog, but before giving it to her, shoved his shit in it using a pen's inkwell
Name-Ana Alicia
Dirt-thrown through patio glass door by husband during early 90's
Name-Anderson Cooper
Dirt-likes esctacy and freaky sex; gay and allegedly goes through boyfriends like Kleenex; labeled as a two timer by a former lover; his mother is heiress Gloria Vanderbilt
More dirt-drools nastily when kissing 

Name-Andrew Mc Carthy
Dirt-actually was reduced to doing theater in the 90s
More dirt-suprisingly, he is straight; described by a conquest as sexually incompetent and selfish in bed and sulkly and depressed out of bed;a former date described him as having the emotional maturity level of an unsure 17 year old getting lucky
Name-Angelina Jolie
Dirt-happily bi-sexual, once admitted that she had, at one point, wanted to marry model, Jenny Shimizou; used to be married to Billy Bob Thornton, once bragged at a movie premiere that they had just 'fucked' in the car..lovely..she has breast implants and uses lip collagene
Name-Anna Nicole Smith
Dirt-obvioulsly a very complusive overeater and druggie; seems to have a lesbian relationship with her assistant Kim; her son had to drop out of school because people teased him about him Mom
Name-Anna Wintour
Dirt-likes to fart loudly in Conde Nast bathrooms and then leave without washing hands; mean to assistants and doesn't like underlings to speak to her
Name-Annabella Sciorra
Dirt-shaves five years off her age
Name-Anne Archer
Dirt-positively dreadful plastic surgery; now looks like a cat
Name-Anthony Hamilton
Dirt-He was tested for the James Bond role but it was decided not to use him since his homosexuality was well known and would work against him.
Name-Anthony Hopkins
Dirt-gay; bf Is Terry Rowley; nasty irritable person; bragged to Mission Impossible crew that he was getting 5 million for just a few days work
Name-Antonio Banderas
Dirt-known for partying with hot local babes when he visits Ibiza
Dirt-fucked Irv Gotta and Ja Rule
Name-Ashley Judd
Dirt-self-involved; cursed out a reporter who dared to ask her a personal question; likes to remind the press of her degree from the University of Kentucky - like it is Yale or something; banged Robert DeNiro; according to someone who lives in her town, she likes to take her granny to her films, and then will loudly 'explain' the movie
Name-Axel Rose
Dirt-bad plastic surgery, his face looks like silly putty now; blacklisted from many NYC brothels for bad behavior
Name-Barbara Eden
Dirt-victim of way too much plastic surgery; now sports a 'Bride of Wildenstein' look
Name-Barbra Steisand
Dirt-notorious perfectionist and cheapskate; considers the little people to be beneath her
Name-Ben Affleck
Dirt-has a drinking problem; has good hair plugs
Name-Ben Bratt
Dirt-hair plugs and rhinoplasty; gay, has a boyfriend who resent his wife Talisa Soto
Name-Bette Midler
Dirt-She is very hard to work with. Supposedly very insecure about herself
Name-Betty Buckley
Dirt-likes to date younger men; three year relationship with Gryson Mc Couch; likes to have young female proteges who do all her errands and take alot of abuse from her; pain in the ass
Name-Beverly Johnson
Dirt-lied to the National Enquirer about ex-bf Chris Noth beating her, because she didn't want to pay him back money he owed her; she was also pissed that he didn't marry her after dating her for years; bad boob job paid for by Chris Noth; nasty temper, would smack ex boyfriend Chris Noth during arguments; spent a small fortune fighting ex husband for custody of her daughter
Name-Bill Gates
Dirt-huge nerd; his Dad uses has Netscape not Internet Explorer on his laptop; considered slightly autistic because he often rocks back and forth in his chair during meetings
Name-Bill Paxton
Dirt -likes to do blow
Name-Bonnie Fuller
Dirt-US magazine editor who is hell to work for; likes staff to work from 10 am to 4 am; publicly berates her husband; would not take call at work from crying daughter
Name-Brian Austin Green
Dirt-bi; likes to hire male hookers; has a son with Vanessa Marcil
Name-Brian Mc Knight
Dirt-prior to his divorce, cheated on his wife with a white girlfriend for years
Name-Bridget Fonda
Dirt-likes to lie about her age
Name-Britney Spears
Dirt-definitely not a virgin; bad breast implants; was ignored by Justin Timberlake at his birthday party
Name-Bronson Pinchot
Dirt-crazy oddball
Name-Brooke Shields
Dirt-when staying at hotels, generally acts demanding, bitchy, and annoying - hotel staffs are thrilled when she leaves; deflowered by Dean Cain when both were students in college

Name-Bruce Jenner
Dirt-he's had 2 face lifts, eyelid surgery, and 2 nose jobs and still looks like hell; once went bankrupt; married to one of Nicole Simpson's good friends
Name-Bruce Willis
Dirt-He acted like a pain in the ass on the set of the tv show Moonlighting. He once held up production because he refused to fly back from skiing commercial. So, the studio hired a private jet. He called back and said he still wasn't returning because the jet wasn't big enough. A few years ago, he enjoyed webcam sex with a porn star named Alicia.
Name-Bryan Dattilo
Dirt-gay and closeted; of Cuban decent
Name-Bryan Singer
Dirt-gay director of X-Men, the Usual Suspects, etc; dated cute young twink from Utah who bragged about it to his friends;
Name-Calista Flockhart
Dirt-long time anorexic; dates Harrison Ford
Name-Cameon Diaz
Dirt-bad acne
Name-Cameron Diaz
Dirt-once made her assistant shave her armpits for her; loads of acne
Name-Carmen Electra
Dirt-has breast implants and plastic surgery for under eye bags; arrested for assulting ex-hubby Dennis Rodman
Name-Carson Daly
Dirt-after his got his MTV VJ gig, he had a male 'roommate'; does not go anywhere in public with boyfriends, ever;
Name-Casper Van Dien
Dirt-deserted pregnant wife, Catherine Oxenburg
Name-Celine Dion
Name-Chad Allen
Dirt-outed by the Globe; parents were devastated; bad skin
Name-Charlie Rose
Dirt-Male slut. Arrogant social climber. Used to hit on every woman who came his way. Her used to be married to Mary Rose, who is the driving force behind the Margaret Mitchell House and Museum in Atlanta.
Dirt-poster child for bad plastic surgery
More dirt-daughter, Chastity, is gay
Name-Chris Burke
Dirt-remember the retarded kid from the TV show, 'Life Goes On'? He used to pal around with the youngest child from 'Growing Pains' (the little blonde girl) until he started telling people that they were dating. Given that he was 25 and she was 8, her parents freaked and forbid him from seeing her ever again
Name-Chris DeBurgh
Dirt-banned from a whorehouse for being too freaky
Name-Chris Meloni
Dirt-bi-sexual, had a fling with a guy while filming Oz; instead of going home to his wife after filming Oz, he'd go home with his fling and then head straight to the Law and Order SVU set; his excuse to his wife was the Oz was filming too late for him to come homesize
Name-Chris Noth
Dirt-tempermental; will chase anything in a skirt, loves to drink, fuck, and party; allegedly has had so many conquests that he should own stock in the Trojan condom company; unfaithful; described by an ex-girlfriend in drama school as selfish and somewhat abusive
Name-Christian Coulson
Dirt-Lord Voldermort is gay; used to rip up any anti gay flyers he found around his college dorm
Name-Christopher Walken
Dirt-When he did "Corialanus" at the Public Theater circa early 90's, he smoked pot out in the alley between SCENES.
Name-Cindy Margolis
Dirt-posed nude at age 18 although claims to have never taken any naked pix; had an eye lift 

Name-Clint Eastwood
Dirt-was kept as a young man by Arthur Lubin
Name-Colin Farrell
Dirt-drinks and drugs too much; likes black women; comes from a wealthy family but likes to pretend that he's a street thug
Name-Colin Quinn
Dirt-admitted to having sex with a tranny in a truck in Hell's Kitchen
Name-Corey Haim
Dirt-long time drug addict, currently is broke and living in Toronto; so desperate for cash, he had sex with a fan for a few hundred $$$; is currently selling personal items on Ebay for a few dollars  Name-Corey Hart
Dirt-had a gay dalliance with Terrence Trent Darby
Name-Courtney Love
Dirt-forced a fan to help her find some speed while in Austin SWSX conference; had 4 month affair with Winona Ryder; neglectful mother and forces her child to live her crazy lifestyle (poor Francis!); used to be a hooker during the 80s while living in Japan
Name-Craig Kilborn
Dirt-As unfunny and assholey in real life as he is on T.V. If not more; has illegitimate half black son he ignores; likes to date black women on the side but not take out in public
Name-Craig Sheffer
Name-Cuba Gooding                                                                                Dirt-likes to check out other women even when his wife is present
Name-Cybill Shepherd
Dirt-behaves like a raving bitch to any co-stars she perceives as outshining her; hated by most of the cast, crew and writing staff of her last tv show; mean cunt
More dirt-Cybill has a bad reputation among personal assistant recruiters; she refused to pay one after her personal assistant quit after three days - she had given the person a huge list of things that it would be impossible to do in one day - coupled with her raving bitchiness, the unsuspecting assistant ran away; Cybill has done this all over town; she hated co-star Christine Baranski; behaves like a raving bitch to co-star she perceives as outshining her; horrible person to work with; hated by most former co-stars of her last tv show; Cybill used to count the lines in her scripts given both to her and to Christine Baranski; she was on British tv bragging out the delights of oral sex with Elvis Presly; treated the creator of the tv show Moonlighting even nastier than she treated Bruce Willis
Name-Dan Rather
Dirt-wears a great toupee
Name-Danny Pintauro
Dirt-flamingly gay; worked at the Gap during college 

Name-Danny Pintauro
Dirt-incredibly flaming gay
Name-Darryl Hannah
Dirt-comes from a rich family; according to someone who went to school with her, she was an idiot who was possibly borderline retarded
Name-Dave Matthews
Dirt-acts swishy and effeminate in person
Name-David Charvet
Dirt-Someone emailed us this info on him: David Charvet is a closeted bi/gay. I know this. I know someone who was involved with him, and I've met him in person several times. Shorter than you'd think.... kinda skinny... and kinda stuck up... I'm only revealing this because I thought he was a little rude and dismissive to me (snotty attitude), before he realized I was friends with the guy he was involved with. So THERE, fruit cake....
Name-David Chokachi
Dirt-gay; has longtime live in boyfriend
Name-David Duchvony
Dirt-reportedly has huge schlong; cheated on wife with Minnie Driver's stand in during a movie shoot
Name-David Lee Roth
Dirt-according to Metal Sludge - metal gossip site - he is bisexual
Name-David Letterman
Dirt-forget the dorky persona, he likes to visit NYC brothels on a regular basis
Name-Demi Moore
Dirt-bad breast implants, once worked as hooker in Vegas
Name-Denise Richards
Dirt-former Heidi Fleiss girl who made it big

Name-Denzel Washington
Dirt-philanderer with white women
Name-Diane Ladd
Dirt-hated Linda Lavin on the set of the tv show Alice
Name-Diane Warren
Dirt-tightly closeted lesbian, had affair with Dusty Springfield and wrote songs for her album
Name-Dixie Chicks
Dirt-they dislike other performers in their age bracket; Natalie hates Shania Twain; the two sisters fired the original lead singer in an evil way
Name-Dominic Dunne
Dirt-relentless name dropper
Name-Don Cornelius
Dirt-former host of Soul Train is tres gay; married to a white woman
Name-Downtown Julie Brown
Dirt-looks old because of too much cocaine; bad plastic surgery
Name-Dr Dre
Dirt-bi-sexual, has a young male lover who lives in Long Beach
Name-Drew Barrymore
Dirt-lesbian; used to be an alcoholic
Name-Drew Carey
Dirt-likes being humiliated in bed by bimbos or porn stars
Name-Ed Burns
Dirt-snotty attitude on set
Name-Eddie Murphy
Dirt-according to an NYC cop, he was busted with a tranny in NYC, long before the LA tranny incident;likes to frequent an NYC brothel that features gorgeous trannies; wife knows about all of it too
Name-Edward Furlong
Dirt-long time drug addict; lost part in Terminator 3 because he could not stay off drugs
Name-Elijah Wood
Dirt-gay, lives with Dominic Monaghan; looks like a little elf in person, went apeshit on a fan who photographed him in an LA gay bar (The Abbey) with his boyfriend in tow; lives with Dominic Monaghan; used Franke Potenta as a beard
Name-Ellen Barkin
Dirt-crooked mouth due to bad plastic surgery; likes to dress trashy; married to the owner of Revlon
Name-Elton John
Dirt-cranky old Queen, see the documentary 'Tantrums and Tiaras
Name-Emma Bunton
Dirt-when shagging former Spice Girl manager, Simon Fuller, was told by him to scream 'Girl Power' at the point of orgasm
Name-Erin Grey
Dirt-supposedly in financial dire straits; used to model for Ford
Name-Ethan Hawke
Dirt-tends to look dirty and disheveled in person
Name-Faith Hill
Dirt-has huge pores; lost child birth weight by doing coke, airbrushing hides her big pores in pictures
Name-Farley Granger
Dirt-he was fired from OLTL( a soap) in the 70's for attempting to coerce an underage fellow actor to perform oral sex in his dressing room. Pfft, one day he's playing Dr.Will Vernon-the next he's standing online for unemployment benefits. He was (is) a nasty piece of work.
Name-Faye Dunaway
Dirt-looks like a mummy in person, son Liam is gay
Name-Fiona Apple
Dirt-dumped Paul Thomas Anderson after she caught him fucking Estella Warren
Name-Fred Durst
Dirt-has herpes
Name-Geena Davis
Dirt-nasty temper, once threw a pitcher at someone on set

Name-George Clooney
Dirt-Beded Julia Roberts a few times; bi-sexial; previously seen at a Las Vegas gay bar kissing a guy; paid off 'ex fiance' with a huge settlement
Name-George Dzunda
Dirt-quit Law and Order because he was jealous that castmate, Michael Moriarty's role was better
Name-George Lucas
Dirt-generally behaves as if the actors are an annoyance
Name-George Michael
Dirt-hates Geri Halliwell; a generous chap who donates money to many AIDS charities; arrested for soliciting a cop in a Bev Hills bathroom; lives with longtime boyfriend Kenny Goss, they have an open relationship
Name-George Plimpton
Dirt-did coke in the bathroom during Natalie Portman's birthday party
Name-George Stephanopolous
Dirt-according to a former neighbor, he is pimply, grimy, and tiny; same neighbor also saw him with a frequent visitor, a tall slender brown haired guy; gay but married, had affair with mail personal trainer; described by Hilary Clinton as a little queen; likes to cruise guys at the gym;Bebe Neuwerth is a former girlfriend, but supposedly never spent the night at his place; had a very hot gay affair right up until he got married
Name-George Takei
Dirt-yes, Mr. Sulu from Star Trek is gay gay gay
Name-Geri Halliwell
Dirt-lesbian; anorexic; breast implants; hated by George Michael; obsessed with celebrity, called Reba Mc Entire 'white trash' during an LA morning show interview
Name-Gina Gershon
Dirt-unpleasant to work with; likes to lie about her age; didn't have a clue that Lenny Kravitz had dumped her for Devon Aoki until a few weeks had passed, bisexual, dated Gillian Anderson; got very touchy feely with her at an Ellen DeGeneres concert
-breast implants
Name-Grace Jones
Dirt-was interrupted by a production assistant having sex with co-star Chris Makepeace and his brother while making the movie 'Vamp'
Name-Guy Pierce
Dirt-looks skeletal in person
Name-Hal Sparks
Dirt-weirdly likes to project the public image that he is quite the ladies man
Name-Halle Berry
Dirt-is actually quite common in private
Name-Harlan Ellison
Dirt-the fantasty writer has a habit of sleeping with people without telling them he has herpes
Name-Harrison Ford
Dirt-looks absolutely ancient in person and moves as if he is almost feeble
Name-Harrison Ford
Dirt-presented a Golden Globe while totally high on pot; was a pussy hound even while married to wife Melissa Matheson, especially when he was on location; once spotted as a gay sex toystore (weird), was once interrupted by a pool serviceman while being serviced by a hot young guy
Name-Harry Connick
Dirt-very homophobic to male dancers during a Broadway production he appeared in, so much so that they considered filing a complaint against him; very lovey dovey with Deborah Messing on the set of 'Will and Grace'
Name-Hayden Christensen
Dirt-He had a live-in boyfriend before getting the Star Wars part (they lived together in West Hollywood); he got closeted or kicked to the curb after that. (He's also a tweaker, sweats too much and picks at his skin constantly.)
Name-Heidi Klum
Dirt-comes from a wealthy family; cheated on former husband Ric Pitino.
Name-Hilton Sisters
Dirt-they actually think their money makes them interesting (NOT!); they enjoying not paying hairdressers and manicurists by claiming that they forgot their money at home; Paris has cheekbone implants
Name-Hugh Grant
Dirt-vain and insecure about not having attended a good public school
Name-Hugh Hefner
Dirt-likes watching gay porn, while his girlfriends get off with each other, two youngest sons have bad learning disabilities
Name-Hunter Tylo
Dirt-despite pretty exterior can be quite the party girl
Name-Ingo Rademacher
Dirt-gay; frequently bearded by soap opera castmates; likes gay parties at the beach
Name-Jacob Young
Dirt-this soap star had a sizzling relationship with co-star Coltin Smith that required intervention from TPTB

Name-Jada Pinkett
Dirt-bi sexual; will often get a prostitute to join her and Will in threesomes, in high school, she had a rep as an opportunistic, narcissistic slut who happily beded other girls' boyfriends and was very friendly with the neighborhood drug dealers
Name-Jake Gyllenhaal
Dirt-bad skin; dating Kirsten Dunst
Name-James Cameron
Dirt-notorious *nasty* control freak
Name-James Van Der Beek
Dirt-was once madly in love with tv Daddy, John Wesley Shipp; got one her of a birthday beded from him one year
Name-Janet Jackson
Dirt-cheek implants, nose job, lipo on miriff; likes diet pills; bi-sexual; used her former chef's identity to get pills at a pharmacy
Name-Jared Leto
Dirt-habitual drug user; loves phone sex2>
Name-Jason Priestly
Dirt-had affair with Jan Wenner, former editor of Rolling Stone; Wenner told all his friends; likes drugs, huge weiner for a little guy; bi-sexual
Name-Jay Leno
Dirt-likes being dominated; he and his wife sleep in separate bedrooms, because she can't deal with his weird need to be dominated
Name-JC Chasez
Dirt-gay, lives with male 'manager
Name-Jean Claude Van Damme
Dirt-blacklisted from many NYC brothels for bad behavior; coke addict; chronically unfaithful to every partner
Name-Jeff Beck
Dirt-blacklisted from many NYC brothels for bad behavior
Name-Jeff Goldblum
Dirt-will chase anything in a skirt; banged Kristin Davis, Lisa Marie, Laura Dern and an additional cast of thousands
Name-Jeff Gordon
Dirt-nicknamed 'Rainbow Warrior' in Nascar circles; gay and closeted, threw a fit when a crowded gay NYC club wouldn't allow him and his party in
Name-Jeff Probst
Dirt-loves meeting trannies via internet; sends them his pix and then suggests 'meeting
Name-Jenna Jameson
Dirt-available for private dates with fans for only $6000 an hour>
Name-Jennifer Connelly
Dirt-had breast reduction; married Paul Bettany because she was pregnant
Name-Jennifer Grey
Dirt-married to a gay guy because they both wanted a family
Name-Jennifer Lopez
Dirt-diva extrordinaire; proof that you can bed your way to the top; talentless singer, autotune should get a credit on her albums; very demanding to hotel staff; horrid diction
Name-Jerremy Jordan
Dirt-got his record deal by f%$%$king Chicago's manager; is currently a pretty rent boy in NYC
Name-Jerry Springer
Dirt-likes to bang hookers at the Mondrian Hotel
Name-Jessica Alba
Dirt-bitchy personality
Name-Jessica Lange
Dirt-brings her own lighting gels for tv show appearances
Name-Jessica Simpson
Dirt-had affair with her choreographer, prior to marrying Nick Lachey from pop group, 98 Degrees; her big boobs are real; she is not liked by the other members of 98 Degrees.
Name-Jill Goodacre
Dirt-bitchy attitude when shopping; she now looks her age and then some
Name-Jim Brown
Dirt-spent several months in jail for spousal abuse
Name-Jodie Foster
Dirt-lesbian, dated Gina Schock of the GoGos; currently living with a woman named Cydney
Name-Joe Rogan
Dirt-bi;likes to visit Levis and Leather bathhouse in Boston; dated Survivor slag, Jeri Manthey
Name-John Barrowman
Dirt-total gay slut; got his ass plowed by several guys at a Washington DC bathhouse
Name-John Corbett
Dirt-likes to do a little blow now and then; paranoid abou extras eating off the main craft services table; dates Bo Derek, but cheats
Name-John Mayer
Dirt-dated Jennifer Love Hewitt, Vanessa Carleton and Rebecca from Real World Seattle; likes rough and dirty sex
Name-John Ritter
Dirt-rolls his eyes at fans who dare say hello
Name-John Schneider
Dirt-homophobe and horn dog; cheated on ex-wife Tawny Little
Name-John Travolta
Dirt-bi-sexual, known for coming on to cute guys on his movie sets
Name-John Wesley Shipp
Dirt-gay, dating James Van Der Beek; character killed off on Dawson's Creek because his relationship with James was too public
Name-Jon Bon Jovi
Dirt-Had a girl in LA he'd hook up with whenever he was in town, long after he married his wife Dorthea; one groupie described him as having 'nice rythm' in bed; self absorbed
Name-Jon Erik Hexum
Dirt-frequently seen dancing in gay clubs before he died
Name-Jon Voight
Dirt-worked as an NYC rent boy prior to Midnight Cowboy fame; father of the very crazy Angelina Jolie
Name-Jonathan Taylor Thomas
Dirt-gay; now in college on east coast where he is involved with many Gay and Lesbian on campus groups
Name-Jordan Knight
Dirt-noted by groupies for having crabs; bi-sexual; girlfriend Evelyn told his mother that she was pregnant before telling Jordan so that he couldn't pressure her into getting an abortion
Name-Jordana Brewer
Dirt-grandfather was a president of Yale; supposedly not hot in person
Name-Jorja Fox
Dirt-lesbian with a longtime girlfriende
Name-Jorja Fox
Dirt-has been with her partner actress Suzanne Mara for several years
Name-Jude Law
Dirt-cheats on wife while on location; hair is thinning on top; according to a groupie, he is a selfish lover
Name-Julia Roberts
Dirt-likes to smoke weed; walks like a horse; made fun of extras on the set of 'Americas Sweethearts, loves beding crew members on whatever movie set she is working on; has no understanding of monogamy; got it on with George Clooney a few times
Name-Julianne Moore
Dirt-her boyfriend was still unsure of marrying her even after living with her and having a kid
Name-Justine Bateman
Dirt-haughty with fans
Name-Kate Capshaw
Dirt-is mean to adopted kids, will tell them 'You're not my real kids, I only have one real child and that's Jessica'; luckily, the children have good nannies; didn't bother hiding her affair with a riding instructor
Name-Kate Moss
Dirt-former heroin addict; allegdly has fat pussy lips
Name-Kathleen Turner
Dirt-did so poorly during the table reading of 'War of the Roses' that she was almost replaced until Devito and Douglas begged the producers to keep her; takes steroids because of an illness
Name-Katie Couric
Dirt-looks haggard in person
Name-Keanu Reeves
Dirt-bisexual; has terrible body odor; he was once asked to leave an outdoor cafe because of it; used to bring boyfriend to the set of the original 'Matrix' movie
Name-Keely Shaye-Smith
Dirt-Pierce Brosnan's wife is bisexual and gets it on with women when he's not around
Name-Keith Hernandez
Dirt-ex baseball player is gay
Name-Kevin Dillon
Name-Kevin Spacey
Dirt-gay and loves the company of young twink types; is not above slipping a mickey to a hot stud he wants to bed; Enquirer once photographed him on vacation with a male 'friend'
Name-Kiefer Sutherland
Dirt-he is the grandson of late Saskatchewan Premier Tommy Douglas. Douglas is the chief architect of Canada's universal healthcare system.
Name-Kim Basinger
Dirt-something of a fruitcake with weird phobias, physically and mentally abused by her ex Alec Baldwin
Name-Kim Catrall
Dirt-once showed up at Golden Globes with a very red face due to an overzealous chemical peel
Name-Kimberlin Brown
Dirt-used to party with Hunter Tylo and testified against her in court
Name-Kimora Simmons Lee
Name-Kirk Hammett
Dirt-enjoys the kinky sex
Name-Kirstie Alley
Dirt-lies about her age, likes to shave off five years; loves S&M
Name-Kristanna Loken
Dirt-Likes drugs especially extasy; got her role in T3 by sleeping with one of the producers; went to Ireland with a group of lesbian friends on a horse-back riding/sex trip; was into voodoo worship and drinks blood; gave ex boyfriend Justin Whalin (Jimmy Olson on tv's Lois and Clark) genital herpes; aborted his child because she was using accutane at the time, met and moved in with Justin Whalin when she was 15 (he was 20)
Name-Kristi McNicol
Dirt-liked to hang out at lesbian bar, Peanuts and make out with girls who brought her coke
Name-Kristin Davis
-attitude problem with fans; acts like a dry drunk, nasty to hair and makeup people on Sex and the City set; very sensitive about pear-shaped figure; likes to be shot from the waste up
Name-Kurt Russel
Dirt-excellent step-dad; cheated on Goldie at a massage parlor with a so called masseuse
Name-Kylie Minogue
Dirt-has rosacea on her face; very very short
Name-Lachlan Murdoch
Dirt-gay, long time affair with Baz Lurhmann
Name-Lance Bass
Dirt-tres gay; self described 'power bottom'; once photographed in gay club in New Orleans pre-Nsync success
Name-Lars Ulrich
Dirt-uncircumsized, loves blow, likes to cheat on his wife with groupies
Name-Laura Dern
Dirt-helped break up Ben Harper's marriage; has a child with him
Name-Lauren Hutton
Dirt-admitted to being bisexual in a CBS Morning show interview; smokes alot of pot; has herpes; former lover stole most of her money
Name-LeAnn Rimes
Dirt-hates her Dad for stealing from her; married to a flamingly gay twink dancer
Name-Leonardo DiCaprio
Dirt-looks haggard in person, you'd think he was 35
Name-Linda Lavin
Dirt-turns every work situation into misery (poor thing can't help it; she's a neurotic mess). Very nasty, plays twisted games. acted nasty to everyone while working on Tale Of The Allergist's Wife; described by former co-workers as the one person they'd never work with again;
Name-Lisa Kudrow
Dirt-bitch on wheels behind the scenes of 'Friends'; was actually 35, not 30 when the show started
Name-Lisa Kudrow
Dirt-lies about age, likes to shave off five years; mean bitch on set
Name-Lisa Nicole Carson
Dirt-mentally unstable drug addicted
Name-Lorenzo Lamas
Dirt-once had two women pregnant at the same time
Name-Lorenzo Lames
Dirt-prima donna on set
Name-Lorraince Bracco
Dirt-has troubles paying her taxes; filed bankruptcy in 1997
Name-Madeline Stowe
Dirt-one of the more difficult actresses in Hollywood
Dirt-seems to rely on abortions for birthcontrol; got pregnant to trap Guy Ritchie; self absorbed; once dated Warren Beatty, Dennis Rodman, Paul Lekakis, Jelly Bean Benitez; sometimes anorexic; strict dieter, lesbian affairs with Juliet Hohnen (wife of Steven Weber of Wings) and Tea Leoni
Name-Marcus Schenkenburg
Dirt-bi-sexual with Jean Beauvoir; dated Pamela Anderson Lee; squandered most of his modeling earnings, likes having sex with well hung men
Name-Mariah Carey
Dirt-emotionally unstable; never listens to handlers creating problems for herself; bad breast implants; needs to lose 20 pounds
Name-Mario Van Peebles
Dirt-gay and loves to hang out in Palm Springs with 'the boys'; used to attend Fire Island parties in the 80s
Name-Marisa Tomei
Dirt-quite the nasty bitch on set; snooty behavior after winning Oscar did not earn her any plum roles
Name-Mark Mc Grath
Dirt-slut, likes being urinated on by his conquests; very small cock
Name-Mark Paul Gosellaar
Dirt-nasty towards fans
Name-Mary Chapin Carpenter
Dirt-bitchy attitude towards fans
Name-Matt Damon
Dirt-according to Hollywood hookers, Matt and good buddy Ben, are good tippers who do not like to wear condoms, when he first hit it big, Matt and Ben would watch each other have sex with hookers
Name-Matt Dillon
Dirt-bi-sexual; described by former female lovers as a bad lay and very selfish
Name-Matt LeBlanc
Dirt-He's been "engaged" to his fiancee (who has a kid from a previous relationship) for the last 5 years. They just might actually get married this summer! In reality, she and her child live in another wing of Matt's house, and Matt lives in another wing with his boyfriend
Name-Matthew Mc Conaughey
Dirt-gay and very nelly acting; likes to smoke pot, had to pay off an Abercrombie marketing boy because he hit on him so badly at a fashion show in Milan and the boy was going to tell all to the tabs.
Name-Matthew Perry
Dirt-Perry's fluctuating weight is strictly an effect of his drug use. He was on speed and coke when he was thin. while in college, he allegedly slipped a girl a mickey, took her home and date raped her
Name-Mel Brooks
Dirt-when visiting his local deli, he expects workers to immediately stop waiting on other customers in order to wait on him
Name-Melanie Brown
Dirt-had breast implants removed after they became as hard as rocks; unfortunately married a gold digger and is now close to bankruptcy
Name-Melanie Chisolm
Dirt-lesbian; overweight due to anti-depressants
Name-Melanie Griffith
Dirt-bumpy looking skin and way too much plastic surgery
Name-Melina Kanakaredes
Dirt-prima donna on set; loathed by castmates on her tv show 'Providence'
Name-Meryl Streep
Dirt-notorious for sleeping with her leading men
Name-Michael Bergin
Dirt-bi-sexual with one out of wedlock son
Name-Michael Bergin
Dirt-had an affair with David Chokachi, they even went to premieres as each others dates
Name-Michael Bolton
Dirt-has photo of Cher in downstair bathroom (weird, huh?)
Name-Michael Douglas
Dirt-bad facelift; sex addict; once caught by former wife Diandra banging another chick at a Beverly Hills hotel; smart guy with a ton of cash, really no longer needs to work to earn money
Name-Michael Nader
Dirt-addict and HIV positive
Name-Michelle Rodriguez
Dirt-arrested for assaulting her girlfriend / roommate with a phone; lesbian
Name-Missy Elliot
Dirt-lesbian; bad tipper
Name-Monica Lewinsky
Dirt-always books under an assumed name when she visits Bliss Spa
Dirt-bigot; recently married to man in 'private ceremony
Name-Naomi Campbell
Dirt-drug addicted crazy model; linked to anybody with a fat wallet; loves beding Robert DeNiro, hooked up with him for a wild weekend when he was married, bi-sexual; dated Chris Noth, the Edge, and Eric Clapton
Name-Natalie Imbruglia
Dirt-has very bad wrinkles in person
Name-Nathan Lane
Dirt-hard worker, but he's only good to work with if he thinks you're on "his" level of stardom. If you're an understudy or extra, he'll humiliatingly chew you out at the slightest provocation. During his run in The Producers, if Matthew Broderick was in the show, all was well, but if Matthew was out, pity the poor understudy.
Name-Neil Patrick Harris
Dirt-gay, spotted openy necking with other men; has a nice career on Broadway
Name-Neil Sedaka
Dirt-bi-sexual, his wife allows him to have a boyfriend, described by former employee as a 'raging queen' who used to ask where the gay bars were located while touring
Name-Nick Carter
Dirt-has gotten fat and doesn't seem to care