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Tail Fins and Chrome features: Cars of Dreams
Jake shows you an amazing museum only open to the public 2 to 3 times a year... ONLY for Charity Events. He also gets some face time with the man himself, owner: John Staluppi.
It was the 1950's - the golden years of the American automobile. There would never be another era like it and John Staluppi was fortunate enough to have witnessed the innovation, imagination, and vision in the automotive industry.
Even though his father encouraged him to become an electrician, John was already bitten by the car bug. His father did, however, teach John the value of quality, hard work, family and friends. John went for the American dream and had the courage to do what he really loved to be a part of the automotive industry in America.
He was rebellious and had a run in with the law in his youth, but was able to move forward in a constructive manner. First, he started out as a 16 year old mechanic. John was motivated and talented and soon became an expert in cars. It was at this time that his dad recognized John's exceptional drive and decided to help. His father took out a loan so his son could run a Sunoco station. John Staluppi is incredibly grateful to his father for his support and guidance during that time. His commitment to Honda during this time, made him an integral part of shaping the automotive industry. Next was Hyundai, another solid success. The Hyundai investment showcased his business philosophy - to stay with quality franchises, focus on a particular market and try to get the best people.

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