Wishing you a message of how special you are.                    
Today. Tomorrow. And forever.
                        Wishing you a day of celebration
                               And favorite people gathered together.

                         Wishing you wonderful thoughts.
                                   And the best memories anybody ever had.
                             Wishing you new paths and
promises ahead.
                          And a million reasons to be glad.

                              Wishing you the warmth of friends
and family.
                      And loved ones always close by.
                               Wishing you the gifts happiness brings.
                           And the treasures money can't buy.

                        Wishing you success and serenity.
                            Cake, candles, and a wish come true.
                                 Wishing you a reminder of how much nicer
                     this world is...because of you.

                                                   HAPPY BIRTHDAY
                  David & Rochelle