"Tell Me Why" is a song by The Beatles from their album A Hard Day's Night. In the US, it was released on both the US version of A Hard Day's Night and the album Something New. Credited to Lennon/McCartney, it was written by John Lennon in either Paris or New York[1][2] and recorded in eight takes on 27 February 1964 at Abbey Road Studios.
Lennon described the song as resembling "a black New York girl-group song". Its basic structure of simple doo-wop chord changes and block harmonies over a walking bass line "creates an illusion of sincerity through its sheer attack."
"Tell Me Why" was performed in the Beatles' debut feature film, A Hard Day's Night. The song was part of the 'studio performance' sequence, which was filmed at the Scala Theatre, London, on 31 March 1964. Lennon's lead vocals in the film differ from either the mono or stereo studio versions.

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