The Beatles - Happy Birthday

"Birthday" is a song written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney and performed by The Beatles on their double album The Beatles (commonly known as The White Album). It is the opening track on the third side of the LP (or the second disc in CD versions of the record). The song is an example of The Beatles' return to more traditional rock and roll form, although their music had increased in complexity and it had developed more of its own characteristic style by this point. The song was largely written during a recording session at the EMI Abbey Road Studios on 18 September 1968 with McCartney coming up with the main riff and most of the lyrics, and Lennon filling in the gaps.
The song is among McCartney's most intense vocal performances given the range in which he sings during the blues run. This song is the one of two tracks on The Beatles in which Lennon and McCartney share lead vocal duties together, the other being Cry Baby Cry where Lennon sings the majority and McCartney sings the coda.

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