Banned & Funny Commericals

Lane Bryant   Airline   Funny Totota   Just Married   Superbowl 2006   Carls Jr Burger   Honda   Wendy's   Glasses   Eye Test   Lexmark
Bud 2007   Underwear   Mercedes   Nanny   Tidy Up   Levis   X-Rated   Naughty Parents   Sunsilk   Banned Coca-Cola Zero
Telecom Services Commerical   Volkswagen Commerical     Vim Cleaning Commerical   Toyota Commerical  Toyota "I Like Him" Commerical
Banned Toyota Commerical  Sexy Nuts   Tide Detergent  Bud Lite   Taking Shorts Off   Funny Cell Commerical   Girl With Vib
  Banned 7up Commerical   Beer Makes Women Beautiful   Dodge Banned   Beer Bitch   Dangers Of working At Home   Karate Blooper
Banned Condom  Swear Jar   Pepsi Commerical   NY Banned Commerical  Closet 

Funny Commericals
Trunk Monkey *1  Trunk Monkey *2 Trunk Monkey *3 Trunk Monkey *4 Trunk Monkey *5 Trunk Monkey *6 
Trunk Monkey *7  Trunk Monkey *8 Trunk Monkey *9  Auto Body Shop  Toyota Swagger Wagon   Ouch Ouch   Brusters Icecream Commerical

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