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Do you think Ty Inc. will come out
with new Beanies after the retirement?

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Ty Inc, Japan WebSite
The site is under construction but said to be the new Ty Japan LLC site. The words are written in japaneese, but Birdl@nd has translated it for us:

Welcome to TyJapan LLC Web Page.
This site is under construction now.
We hope you will enjoy it.
If you have questions about this site,
please send us mails to
We wait your opinions and wishes.
Powered by Departure 99.09.24

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Bean Bags has created a site on the hit show Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The show just came out with three collectibles to go with the show.They only have 10,000 production of each bear, which makes them hard to get.
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Ty ordered destroyed
Ty Canada has been destroying all Tyra Attic Treasures because of the Pom poms being a choking hazard to kids. Ty Canada has been keeping a strict inventory on these Tyras and the inventory remains unchanged. There has been some Tyras showing up in Canada, Ty says it could be a fake or it could be a insider causing the leak.
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Checklists updated
We have updated our checklists. Click on the link below to print them out.
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Our new Millennium/Retiring Contest has started!!
We are pleased to announce that the Millennium/Retiring Contest has finally started and will be going on for 2 months, the longest we have ever had one.
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