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Well, There has been a lot of news about Ty Inc. retiring. We are in the process of still remodeling but we needed to get this news out to you.

This is what's newsletter said:

   A very important newsflash will be made August 31, 1999.
   Because of it's content, no orders for September should be
   anticipated or taken until further notice! Orders for Clubby
   Buddies will be accepted.

                              Ty Warner


Their are a lot of web sites reporting on this horrible rummor. Here are some of what they said-

Mary Beth's Bean Bag World-

First he signed off with a casual "Goodbye" on the Tyģ Talk Cyberboard. Then news hit he had bought an $8 million estate in Malibu, California. Then a mysterious post appeared on the Ty Website about a huge upcoming announcement that would affect future orders of Ty product.


Hmm, an announcement on the last day of the month? Donít place orders yet? Sounds like newbies are on the way. Or is that what Ty wants us to think and they have something else planned for us?

Looks like we are in for a big announcement!

It looks like we are in for some big News, maybe be Great or it may be horrible. The worse that it could come down to, is that Ty Inc. will retire and no more Beanies. It sure would be sad!!! Thanks and have a great 'Beanie' summer!!! Beanie Baby Daily Bazarre