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Tyler's Beanie Baby News for the Month of May~

Hello, Did all of you guys have another GREAT Beanie Baby Month? It was a GREAT, month because Ty has come out with a set of 10 new Beanie Babies. You can view them by clicking here . Beanie Baby Daily Bazarre has been changing a little bit daily!! We are going to be moving soon, to a paid site so our URL is easier for our viewers (you guys). Also, the new BBOC has come out. You can see the new clubby at We hope you guys have a Beanie filled month!!

May With Allison:
Ah, yes, another month has passed. My European update for this month is this: WCCG is having many specials. For example, you can get Valentina, Kicks, '99 Signature Bear, or hope for just $14.95 each. Britannia is selling for $129.00, and Germania is selling at a whopping $279.00. Halo is also now selling for $12.95 at WCCG.
Germania is still hot and selling fast. International bears and or other beanies are a very valuable item to the collectors in the United States, because Europe is so far away.
If anyone is interested in buying or trading some beanies with me, the ones I have to sell or trade are:Tuffy, Chip, Valentino, and Fleece. Please contact me here.