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The First BBOC Edition for the Year of 1998
This BBOC Kit Included

When you joined, you could send away for your certificate of authenticity. In the mail you recieved the certificate, a matted piece of paper to stick it on, and a Form to send away for Clubby.

Here is the form you would recive in the Kit that you would have filled out in order to recive a form for ClubbyI.

Clubby is a royal blue bear with a tie-dyed ribbon and a BBOC pin is sown on is Left Arm. Clubby was $5.99 and you were given the chance to purchase a BBOC case to put Cubby in.

Birthday July 7, 1998

Wearing his club pin for all to see
He's a poud member like you and me
Made especially with you in mind
Clubby the bear is one of a kind

Click here to view the ad sent to retailers about the club kit before it came out.