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10/19/99 Ty Donates Beanies
Ms. Janie reports that Monday's Rosie O'Donnell show began with a Ty 2K bear sitting on her desk along with The End Bear. She also had Rock and Roll Elmo and Rock and Roll Ernie. Rosie announced that everyone in the audience would get one or the other. They also will be signed and posted on Everyone in the audience will also get a Ty2K and a The End Bear. The Beanie Babies appearing in a basket on eBay have had their hang tags signed by Ty Warner. Included in this basket of Beanies are The End, Slowpoke, Lips, Chipper, Scaly, Flitter, Honks, B.B. Bear, Wallace, 1999 Holiday Teddy, Ty 2K, Sheets, and Groovy. When we checked early Tuesday morning, the bidding on this item was around $8,000. Proceeds from Rosie's charity auctions during the month of October will go to the National Breast Cancer Coalition.
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10/19/99 Star # 22 On Hollywood Squares
HM dropped us a line to tell us that he had captured an image of Whoopie Goldberg and her Celebrity Bear on the Hollywood Squares game show. The Sister Act Bear (Star # 22) can be plainly seen and will appear with Whoopie on the show again today and Wednesday.
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10/19/99 QVC UK Starts Selling Beanie Babies
Beanies-UK reports that QVC UK is following in the footsteps of QVC USA by having a Beanie Baby hour to be shown on Sunday 24th October at 3.00pm.
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10/19/99 Ganns Memorial Bears Have Shipped
Chris Gann of Gann, Inc reports: "Gann, Inc. is delighted to announce that all Gann "Memorials" Series I bears have shipped to authorized retailers! Shipment also includes our special release of "Webster" the world wide Web bear, limited to only 816 quantities and available from participating retailers only! All retailers should begin to receive product this week! Series I bears are numbered and limited in production. For dealer information or a list of authorized retailers nearest you, please visit our Web site."
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10/19/99 Cops Predict Beanie Baby Bandit Boom
Following the August 31st announcement by Ty that all current Beanie Babies would be retired at year's end, law enforcement officials and other authorities are starting to wonder whether this newfound urgency Ty has created could spur more Beanie-related crime than usual. Several incidents have been reported around the country within the past few weeks alone, authorities said.
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10/19/99 Beanie Halloween Costumes
KJ Beanies has had a reader send them some very cute pictures of Beanie Babies dressed up in different costumes just in time for Halloween. It reminds us of what Ty did last year before Halloween when they had a Beanie Baby costume contest among their employees.
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10/19/99 Fame And Immortality
Kathy Flood writes about celebrity beanbag toys saying that those representing major celebrities are some of the hottest on the market right now.
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