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Beanie Baby Daily- Beanie Buddy Checklist

Beanie Buddy Checklist
(as of September 1st, 1999)
Amber the cat Silver the cat Fetch the Dog
Slither the snake Spinner the sider Pumkin the Pumpkin
Gobbles the Turkey Snowboy the snowboy Halo the Bear
Spangle the Bear peace the Bear Britannia the Bear
Maple the Bear Hope the bear Beak the Kiwi
Bongo the Monkey Bubbles the fish Chilly the Poalr Bear
Chip the cat Erin the Bear Fuzz the bear
Hippity the Bunny Humphrey the camel Jabber the parrot
Jake the duck Millenium the Bear Patti the platypus
Peking the panda Peanut the elephant Pinky the flamingo
Princess the Bear Quackers the Duck Rover the dog
Smoochy the frog Snort the bull Squealer the pig
Stretch the ostrich Teddy the Bear Tracker the dog