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George Turner & Mary Anderson*

James Turner b. 15 Jul 1744 Rochdale, Lancashire, England (christening) d. X Buried: X Father: James Turner (ENG) Mother: Elizabeth Ellison (ENG)

Married: 24 May 1708 Rochdale, Lancashire, ENG

Ales Scholefield b. x d. Buried: x Father: x Mother: x (ENG)

more on brothers and sisters of John Turner on Rootsweb


John Turner b. abt 1755 Scotland d. 1823-1825 Yellow Creek, Dickson Co., TN 1812 Rev War served 7 years w/George Washington, Valley Forge Father: James Turner Mother: Ales Scholefield

Married: abt 1776 Halifax Co., VA

Wife: Elizabeth "Sukie" Dillard b. abt 1755 Wales d. 1825 Yellow Creek, Dickson Co., TN Father: Captain James Dillard (VA) Mother: Mary Hunt (VA)

Children of John Turner & Elizabeth "Sukie" Dillard

George Turner, Sr. (REV) b. 22 Jul 1779 Person Co., NC (First minister of Big Richland Creek Baptist Church) d. 1 Jan 1862 Waverly, TN Buried: Blue Creek, Waverly, Humphreys Co., TN Matlock Farm (info from his Bible)

Married: 7 Nov 1799 Halifax Co., VA

Wife: Susannah Adams b. d. 1840 Humphrey Co., TN Father: Richard Adams (VA) Mother: Hannah Boyd (VA)

Frances Turner b. 17 Sep 1784 Person Co., NC

Margaret "Peggy" Turner b. 27 Oct 1787 Person Co., NC

William Dillard Turner (Lt) b. 1782 Baltimore, MD

John Turner, Jr. b. 1792 Person Co., NC

William Turner b. 1777 Baltimore, MD

Elisha Turner b. 1794 Person Co., NC d. 3 Sep 1831 Henderson Co., TN (War 1812, Corporal)

Wife: Susannah May b. ? d. ? Father: Sterling May

2nd marriage: 28 Oct 1848 Johnson Co., AR

2nd Husband: Cader Lee

Elizabeth Turner b. 1783 VA/NC

Howard William Turner (REV) b. 1796 Person Co., NC d. 14 Mar 1861 Dickson Co., TN Buried: unknown married: 13 Aug. 1813

Wife: Nancy Bunch b. 1792 Fluvanna Co., VA d. 14 March 1872 Dickson Co., TN Buried: unknown

Samuel C. Turner (REV) b. 1790 Person Co., NC d. 23 Jul 1859 Pittsburg Twp., Johnson Co., AR Buried: Union Grove Cemetery, Clarksville, Johnson Co., AR (Justice of Peace 1841, Johnson Co., AR, 1846-Representative of Lower House AR, Tax Collector)

Married: 1811 Dickson Co., TN

Wife: Elizabeth "Betsy" Norris b. 1794 GA d. 26 Oct 1866 Johnson Co., AR Father: William Norris Mother: Jane X

Children of George Turner, Sr. & Susannah Adams

George Turner, Jr. b. 1817 Humphreys Co., TN d. 19 Jan 1865 Prairie View, Scranton, Logan Co. AR Married: 28 Jun 1839 Hardeman, TN

Wife: Mary Anderson b. 18 Mar 1818 Halifax Co., VA? d. ?

Son of George Turner, Jr. & Mary Anderson

Rev. Richard Thomas Turner b. 24 Mar 1853 Logan Co., AR d. 11 Dec 1930 Holdenville, Hughes Co., OK Married: 1 Jan 1874 Logan Co., AR Buried: McMahon Cemetery, Lamar, Hughes Co., OK Father: George Turner, Jr. (TN) Mother: Mary Anderson (VA)

Wife: Ellen Mindora Hixson b. 23 Feb 1855 Logan Co., AR d. 22 Oct 1922 Holdenville, Hughes Co., OK Father: Pleasant Hixson (TN) Mother: Sarah Ann Wright (SC)

Children of Samuel C. Turner & Elizabeth "Betsey" Norris

Jesse Norris Turner b. 23 Dec 1812 Dickson Co., TN d. 23 Nov 1879 Johnson Co., AR Pope Co., AR

Married: 10 Jul 1833 Dickson Co., TN

Wife: Bersheba June Hill b 4 Apr 1817 Dickson Co., TN

John H. Turner

Susan Turner Husband: Robert Johnson

Catherine Turner

Margaret V. Turner

Francis Turner

Nancy M. Turner

George J. Turner 1st Wife: Rowena H. Ford 2nd Wife: Elizabeth "Betsey" Shelby (He was killed by bushwhackers at close of Civil War. Lived in Pittsburg Twp., Johnson Co., AR. He was Cumberland Presbyterian minister. 1850-USFC Pope Co., AR

Jane Turner

William Dillard Turner

Children of Elisha Turner & Susannah May

1830 Dickson Co., TN: Yellow Creek, Elisha Turner

Ester Turner b. 25 Jun 1812

Sterling May Turner b. 18 Jul 1815

Nancy Adams Turner b. 19 Oct 1816

Thomas May Turner b. 25 Oct 1818

Mary Sally Turner b. 27 Dec 1820

John M. Turner b. 11 Nov 1823

Anney Carline Turner b. 23 Dec 1828

Edmond Richman Turner b. 23 Dec 1828

William Samuel Turner b. 11 Mar 1831

Esther Turner

Children of Jesse Norris Turner & Bersheba June Hill

Nancy L. Turner

Sara Elizabeth Turner

Mary C. Turner b. 3 May 1840 Pope Co., AR

Husband: Aaron Franklin

Samuel Howard Turner b. 6 Jan 1843 Pope Co., AR

Susan Turner b. 16 Jul 1847 Johnson Co., AR

William Washington Turner b. 24 Oct 1849 Johnson Co., AR

John Dillard Turner b. 17 Jan 1845 Pope Co., AR

Rebecca Jane Turner b. 17 Dec 1835 Pope Co., AR

Children of Richard Thomas Turner & Ellen Mindora Hixson

Zona Turner b. 24 Nov 1874 Mountain Twp., Logan Co., AR d. Logan Co., AR

George Preston "Presley" Turner b. 10 Dec 1876 Mountain Twp., Logan Co., AR d. 10 Mar 1904 Logan Co., AR Married: 25 Nov 1897 Logan Co., AR

Parley "Pearlie" Mae Lee b. 11 Sep 1876 Logan Co., AR d. Feb 1940 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Co., OK Father: Samuel Holland Lee Mother: Martha Ann Craig

William Carroll Turner b. 17 Dec 1887 Paris, Logan Co., AR d. 29 Jul 1968 Drain, Douglas Co., OR Married: 1908 Lamar, Hughes Co., OK

Wife: Myrtle Aylor b. 20 May 1894 Yeager, Hughes Co., OK d. 20 Nov 1978 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Co., OK Father: Joe Samuel Aylor (TX) Mother: Della Higgins(TX)

Maudie Violet Turner b. 18 Sep 1885 Logan Co., AR d. 19 Jan 1983 Dustin, Hughes Co., OK Married: Lamar, OK Buried: McMahon Cemetery, Lamar, Hughes Co., OK

Husband: Hershel Proctor b. 16 Mar 1884 OK d. 7 Nov 1917 Lamar, Hughes Co., OK Buried: McMahon Cemetery, Lamar, Hughes Co., OK Father: Samuel Faubush Proctor (AL) Mother: Sarah Kendall

Mary May Turner b. 1 Apr 1883 Logan Co., AR d. 1 Jan 1947 Lamar, Hughes Co., OK Married: 23 Oct 1902 Purcell, OK Buried: McMahon Cemetery, Lamar, Hughes Co., OK

Husband: Walter Peerson b. 25 Jan 1872 d. 31 Jul 1944 Lamar, Hughes Co., OK Buried: McMahon Cemetery, Lamar, Hughes Co., OK Father: Benjamin Franklin Peerson Mother: Caroline Thomas

Eucled Hill Turner b. 14 May 1893 Logan Co., AR d. 13 Dec 1960 Holdenville, Hughes Co., OK Buried: Holdenville Cemetery, Hughes Co., OK

Wife: Pearl Hughes b. 20 Sep 1885 AR d. 18 May 1934 Lamar, Hughes Co., OK Buried: McMahon Cemetery, Lamar, Hughes Co., OK

Thomas Houston Turner b. 24 Dec 1880 Logan Co., AR d. 17 Jun 1932 Lamar, Hughes Co., OK Married: 3 Feb 1903 OK Buried: McMahon Cemetery, Lamar, Hughes Co., OK

Wife: Nora Peerson b. 3 Feb 1885 TX d. 27 Jun 1965 Baldwin Park, CA

Gary Anthony Turner b. 24 Nov 1874 Logan Co., AR d. 20 Dec 1881 Logan Co., AR

John Wesley Turner b. 29 Dec 1878 Logan Co., AR d. 8 Oct 1879 Logan Co., AR

Newton Harvey Turner b. 9 Oct 1890 Logan Co., AR d. 24 Jul 1891 Logan Co., AR

1860 USFC Johnson Co., AR: Land record, George Turner

1870 USFC Clark Twp., Johnson Co., AR:

Mary Anderson Turner, 49, VA

Richard T. Turner, 17, AR

Missouri Francis Turner, 13

George Ann Turner, 8, AR

Susan Alice Turner (Johnson), 29, TN

Mary F., 8, AR

Virginia A., 4, AR

Child of George Preston Turner & Parley Mae Lee:

Carless Leslie Turner b. 4 Aug 1902 Washington, McClain Co. OK d. 28 Aug 1966 Panhandle, Carson Co., TX Married: 1921 OK

Wife: Flora Grimes b. 25 May 1905 Kingfisher Co., OK d. Feb 1976 Panhandle, TX

kids: Muriel Leslie b. 2 May 1923

Gerald Kenneth Turner b. 1 Jul 1926

Mary Lou Turner b. 28 Dec 1927

Charles Keith Turner b. 19 Jul 1930

Jimmy Turner b. 1932

Barnes Eugene Turner b. 14 Jan 1935

Child Turner-private

Children of William Carroll Turner & Myrtle Aylor:

Rose Turner b. 15 Nov 1912 Wetumka, Hughes Co., OK

Virgil Cecil Turner b. 27 Sep 1909 Wetumka, Hughes Co., OK

Joe Wesley Turner b. 26 Jan 1918 Wetumka, Hughes Co., OK

Dee Samuel Turner b. 21 Jan 1917 Wetumka, Hughes Co., OK

Goldie Mae Turner b. 3 Jul 1914 Wetumka, Hughes Co., OK

Children of Maudie Violet Turner & Hershel Proctor:

Marvin Proctor b. 22 Jul 1914 Lamar, Hughes Co., OK

Everett Proctor b. 20 Oct 1905 Lamar, OK

Eula Proctor b. 1912 Lamar, OK

Richard Lee Proctor b. 1916 Lamar, OK

Velma Proctor b. 8 May 1908 Lamar, OK

Children of Mary Mae Turner & Walter Peerson: more on rootsweb

Otis Franklin Peerson

Carl Ray Peerson

Evalena Peerson

Eula Peerson

Lula Peerson

Lela Peerson

Darl Richard Peerson

Children of Pearl Hughes & Euclid Turner:

Leola Turner

Vinabelle Turner

Geneva Turner

Hazel Turner

Children of Thomas Houston Turner & Nora Peerson:

Leonard Turner

Idabelle Turner

Leona Turner

Viola Turner

Leon Roy "Pete" Turner

Loreen Turner

Samuel Turner & Elizabeth X son: Jesse Norris Turner He filed 5th Oct 1867 for sale of real estate of Samuel Turner

John Dillard Turner d. after 1892

1st Wife: Emily Overbey b. ? d. 6 Nov 1891

2nd marriage: 26 Nov 1892

2nd Wife: Sarah Park b. ? d. ? (1880-lived in Pillsbury Twp.)

Some information is provided by Pat Gaines letter found at Johnson County Historical Society files.

Children of George J. Turner & Rowena H. Ford:

Samuel Davis Turner b. 1863 Johnson Co., AR

Susan Belle Turner b. 1861 Pittsburg Twp., Johnson Co., AR

George W. Turner b. 1856 Johnson Co., AR

Margaret V. Turner b 1859 Johnson Co., AR

Children of George J. Turner & Elizabeth "Betsey" Shelby:

Sarah F. Turner b. 15 Oct 1847 AR

Nancy Ann Turner b. 19 May 1853 AR

Sallie F. Turner b. 15 Oct 1847 Married: 23 Dec 1869 Pope Co., AR

Husband: Finis Lee b. 26 Jan 1845 Pope Co., AR d. 18 Feb 1919 Pope Co., AR (kids: Robert Edward, Jesse P.) Father: Young M. Lee Mother: Olive Battenfield

John Bailey Turner b. 25 Nov 1851 Clarksville, Johnson Co., AR

Howard W. Turner was born in Person Co. North Carolina circa 1796. He was the youngest son of John Turner and Elizabeth Dillard. His father was a Primitive Baptist Minister and a Revolutionary War Soldier. Howard Turner migrated to Dickson Co. Tennessee with his father, mother, brothers and sisters at an early age. They settled on Yellow Creek in 1805. During the war of 1812 he served as a bugler under General Jackson. He was stationed 6 miles from Natchez Mississippi. While home on leave he married Nancy Bunch on 13 Aug. 1813. They were the parents of eight children. In 1840 while living in the tenth district he was teaching school, having 35 students under his tutelage. Somtime prior to 1850 Howard Turner became an ordained preacher of the Baptist faith. Howard died 14 March 1861, Dickson Co. Tennessee and is buried on Leatherwood Creek, exact site unknown. Nancy, his wife died 14 March 1872 and is layed to rest next to Howard.

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