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All About The Saiyans

Welcome to the Saiyans page. Here I will put up the story of the saiyans.

Saiyan Planet

Saiyans came from there home planet called Vegeta. Mostly all saiyans were destroyed by the great Freeza, but there were 4 saiyans that escaped.


The four saiyans that escaped Vegeta were Goku(kakarot), Vegeta, Nappa(killed by Vegeta), and Raditz(killed by Goku and Piccolo). Sinch then there are more saiyans but half breeds with humans. The half breed saiyans are Gohan, Trunks, Goten, Bra, and Pan. There was also Bardock(Goku's real father) who was fighting Freeza but got destroyed with The Planet Vegeta.

All saiyans usually have a scouter and saiyan armor. When they are about to lose in battle they have a special technique to transform into a ozzaru(big monkey) so they can win.

The Story Of The Saiyans

The story of the saiyans is like this. Long ago the saiyans and the Truffles lived on a planet named Vegeta. The saiyans were a primitive group, while the Truffles were an advanced civilation. The truffles had technology that could read enemy's power level. They were called scouters. The saiyans were out numbered but the saiyans had a special weapon. When the full moon came up all the saiyans turned into ozzaru's and killed all the Truffles. After that Freeza found that the saiyans could be a threat to him so he destroyed the planet Vegeta. After that Vegeta was told that the planet was hit by a meteor shower. And that is how there were only four saiyans left.

The Super Saiyajin

The legendary super saiyan jin, it is told that every 1000 years there is a saiyan that goes super saiyan. Vegeta thought that he would become one because he had royal blood and had a good chance. But in the Freeza Saga Goku had turned Super Saiya Jin. This made Vegeta even madder but knew that he could not beat Goku because Goku was to strong for him. There are four forms of super saiya jin, ssj1, ssj2, ssj3, and ssj4.