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My Fanfic

I decided that I'd rather have all my fanfic organized on one page in one place than have it scattered throughout my journal. Some of these bits of fic will be eventually put here; some of them are going to have to remain as links to my LJ for now.

Some of this fanfic is not kid-safe. If you're under the legal age to be reading grown-up type stuff, then please look carefully at the ratings on these stories, and don't read the ones that you're not allowed to, or ask for and receive permission before reading.

Harry Potter Fanfic

"Don't Even." Peeves/Harry, Snape's POV. PG-13.
"Something That Bugs Me" Rita/Hermione. Unfinished. R.
"After Quidditch" Harry/Draco. NC-17. Slash.
TELEGRAM CHALLENGE responses Ron/Harry, Narcissa/Sirius. Strong R. Strong language and implied cousin-incest.

Lord of the Rings Fanfic

"A Good Foot Rub" Frodo/Sam. PG-13.

X-Files Fanfic

"Abducted." PG.

Other Fanfic

"Aftermaths" OU, OC, a pastiche of Lois McMaster Bujold's "Aftermaths". PG.
"Practice Makes Perfect" Disney's The Little Mermaid. Adella/Attina/Arista. R. Heavy petting, incest.