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No you're not at the wrong site!! This is still my igloo fale just in a different look. Ya like? It's the new 2000 look! This site is dedicated to our beloved grandfather and grandmother (Below) Mati & Lina whom I love and adore so much!! I hope you all enjoy viewing my site as much as I enjoyed making it!! NOT!!*lol* This site was a pain to make!! Sheesh my family doesn't know just how much of your brain you need to use to make this..I guess that's why I made it..LOL..too challenging for everyone else! I guess you can say I was the chosen one!Or the one w/no life whichever..*LOL* So I guess you all noticed the minor changes? *LOL* Well I was pressured! HONEST!I hope yall like n appreciate what I've done..kay? If not too bad don't come to site anymoa..j/k! Surf around, sign mah book, and don't complain about the graphics...some got even worse!! This site is always underconstruction so if there aren't any recent pics...not my fault..!*LOL* If you have any suggestion,comments, critism, you can email me at! Enjoy and stop back anytime!!

In Loving Memory Of Mati & Lina!!

Those that we have lost...have left many footprints behind...many stars that shine....and have left memories of a lifetime! May their hearts, body, and soul Rest In Peace!!