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Archbishop Holgate's
Grammar School

THIS site is designed to help former pupils of AHGS, York, England, trace friends and fellow pupils from the school.

It was renamed Archbishop Holgate's School in the mid-1980s.


(Last updated – July 6, 2021)

Barry Atkinson (Canada)
Attended Archies 1959 - 1966, record holder for lateness, 11 times in one week. Traded to the University of East Anglia in 1966 for "other consideration". Awarded BSc (Hons) degree, out of pity, in 1969. Banished to the colonies in 1976. "Bloss" was right in his prediction, I've never held down a job long enough to qualify for unemployment benefits. Willing to communicate with any contemporaries and promise to make them realise how successful they are, by comparison.
Barry Atkinson

Michael Beaumont (Mexico)
AHGS 1974 to 1981 Johnson. Had too much fun with good friends and sports, scraped through on the scholastic side with least effort attitude! Read Geology and Engineering somewhere near Liverpool. Now living it up in Mexico enjoying the sun with wife and a bunch of kids. Goes to work in the Oil and Gas business when social life permits. Return visits to York every year – looking to hook up with old school mates and swap stories in the pub.
Michael Beaumont

Malcolm Beckwith (Canada)
I attended AHGS 1952 TO 1957. Now living in Canada since 1967 . Currently Computer Emission testing Program Manager for Ford Motor Company. We stay with Tony Hewitt (ex AHGS) and former world sidecar champion at the lodge he runs in Burniston nr Scarborough when we come over for hols. Never will forget the caning "Bony Thompson" gave me for laughing during founders day service in York Minster when the dean fell asleep during the sermon and his glasses fell off. Some of the lads I knew at school were Mike Parris (he became a copper) Mike Binks, John Sutherland, teachers were Sam Lack, Lulu Mays, Stan Tilsley and never to be forgotten "Fungus Currington" who used to really hate me I believe. Hope to hear from anyone who remembers me I was in Ebor.
Malcolm Beckwith

Brian Beveridge (Papua New Guinea/Australia)
I was in Ebor House from September 1955 until leaving in April 1959. I now live in Papua New Guinea but will return to Brisbane Australia next year, having lived in Aussie since 1967 when I emigrated.
Brian Beveridge

Peter Boyd (England)
I taught at Archies from 1970 to 1985. I'm now working with Tony Simons at York Sixth Form College.
Peter Boyd

Peter Blair (England)
As I am approaching the 50th anniversary of leaving AHGS it got me thinking. Who would still remember me from the years 59 to 64 when I was in Ebor? This website gives me that opportunity. I am probably remembered for my lack of height and wearing shorts through to my 3rd year. After that I played truant too often for my own good and have spent my life trying to catch up. I now live in Leeds, have four daughters, seven grandchildren and two great grandchildren. Technology has been my thing and the major part of my working life has been spent in electronics with 22 years in REME leaving in 1989 as a Warrant Officer.
Peter Blair

Hugh Bracey (England)
Boarder (1954-59) under Headship of the late Mr A.Hodgson. ‘Lulu’ Mayes and R A C ‘Spike’ Milligan were the housemasters. Moved to South East in 1963 to work for Lloyds Insurance Brokers and changed careers a number of times in last 40 years including owning a village store which became a casualty of ASDA supermarket opening in area). Now a computer consultant and owner of a business arranging transport 600+ students to and from Grammar Schools in North West Kent (Dartford and Wilmington). I’m in email contact with some fellow pupils from my era in Lord Mayors Walk and would like to hear from others if anyone remembers me.
Hugh Bracey

Nigel Brotherton (England)
Currently living in North Yorkshire, I'm keen to catch up with others who left the 7th form in 1967. I'd dearly love to hear the whereabouts of people like Nigel Elliot, Mal Crabtree, Phil Czeislick, Stuart Law, Peter Fairhurst, Stuart Foster, Simon Braithwaite, Colin Wregglesworth.
Nigel Brotherton

Trevor Brotherton (England)
Attended Archies 1970-1972 to do 'A' Levels. Now living in Stratford, but still a mad keen YCFC supporter. Whatever happened to my 'footie' mates of the early Seventies including Neil Dosser, Pete Smith, and Roger Peel?
Trevor Brotherton

Clive Brown (England)
I was boarding at Holgates (we never knew it as Archies) from 1949 to 1952. Many very happy memories, particularly of Spike and Lulu who were housemasters when I left. Can you imagine listening to Die Meistersingers on 78's played with thorn needles? Music club, Friday after school in the music room. I would love to contact anyone from my year, particularly David Strowger from Lowestoft and Denis Machin from Scarborough. The other boarders that spring to mind are 'Sem' Dalton, Philip Stell, Neville Swain - sorry the memory cells aren't working that well now. Feel free to contact me.
Clive Brown

Chris Brownbridge (Great Yorkshire)
Dean, 1958-1965. I left without any A-levels and now boast (frequently when in my cups) an MA in Theology. There is justice in this world! I still live in York, which I regard as the navel of the Universe, where I am gainfully employed by the Inland Revenue. I play fiddle for Ebor Morris and do the occasional gig.
Chris Brownbridge

Rowland Bruce (Australia)
I attended Archies 1955-57. Anyone know Gordon Franks,(my best man,) Mike Finch, Ian Clarke (head boy) Ian McGibbon or Mike O'Driscoll, (the latter two now medicos) from that era? All contact has been lost since I came to Australia 1971.
Rowland Bruce

Roger Buckle (England)
Went to Archies in 1959, after primary school in North Duffield. Good pals at Archies were Chris (Wick) Wise and Chris Gaze. I left AHGS in 1966 after gaining a very highly respected :-) A level in Physics (grade E !) and then spent four years at Leeds College of Technology, got HND in Electrical/Electronics, worked at Pye Telecom in Cambridge for four years then five years at University of Cambridge Pharmacology as a technician, then at University of Warwick in Physics for last 24 years, ten as Department Manager.
Roger Buckle

Jon Burrows (Canada)
I attended AHGS in York from 1949 to 1956. Emigrated to Canada in 1964. Still live there in Blind Bay, British Columbia. Remember most of my fellow pupils and our masters. What happened to "Fungus" Currington? He taught me Latin in the 6th form.
Jon Burrows

Paul Butters (Canada)
1970-1975, Dean House, left after 'O' levels, I see a few names on here I kind of recognize, but not enough. After leaving I had some lousy jobs in York, decided to go back to College, which I did at 19. Spent 3 years at Camberwell School of Art in London and another year at The London College of Printing. Worked in London until 1988 then emigrated to Winnipeg, Canada. Married, separated with a son called Liam. I would welcome any contact with anyone who remembers me!
Paul Butters

Roger Carr (England)
AHGS 1958-65. Holgate House Captain. Majored in cricket, rugby, basketball, table tennis etc. Academic results less impressive. Joined RAF in 1966. Became a navigator on Recce Canberras, Buccaneers and commanded 16 Squadron (Tornado bombers). Station Commander RAF Akrotiri (Cyprus). Awarded MBE in 1983. Retired as Group Captain in 2004. Long term OU student: BA(Hons) in Humanities and still at it - Donald Frith, Harold Watts and Alan Walker would be amazed. Now resident in Berks. Keen golfer - Secretary of RAF Golfing Society. President of (London-based) Archbishop Holgate Society; Annual dinner held at the RAF Club in Piccadilly usually on 1st Friday in March. All welcome. School has contact details.
Roger Carr

Paul Carroll (England)
Dean house, 1966-1969 when I moved to Derby (where I still live). Whatever happened to John Parkinson?
Paul Carroll

Peter Chapman (England)
Dean house, 1957-1963. Despite the admonition from 'Nick' Holderness that 'You'll never amount to anything, Chapman', I managed a first in my BA, a distinction in my MA, and am currently doing a Ph.D. in Fine Art, so perhaps he was right after all. I have fond (?) memories of detention (often), rugby, cricket, soccer for the '39 club on Saturday mornings on the Knavesmire including a memorable 26-1 thrashing, thanks to Duncan Florence for our consolation goal. Who can forget 'Asseyez-vous mes eleves' from 'Ciss' Wilkes, the silky tones of 'Harry' Watts in triple english as the beech leaves brushed idly against the windows in summer? - I still remember Adlestrop, and that thing 'Spike' did with your sideburns to focus your attention? I was caned three times, smacked across the head once - an incident in art - but mostly I remember teachers like 'Stan' Tilsley and the infamous metal ruler, 'Max' Ebbage - variety is the spice of life, but who wants a life with only one spice? - Lulu Mayes, with music in his study - thank you, Ken Parsons who died tragically of an asthma attack, and even the arrival of 'Johnny' Walker as a young and rather gullible teacher.
Peter Chapman

Filip Cieslik (England)
I was at Archie's between 1960 and 1967. Suffered under Al Reed, Acko, Bodkin, Budgie and Max. The only student in England to fail Ancient History in 1966, then kept up the tradition in 1967. Followed Bob King to St. Henry's College, Masaka, Uganda for a year and then pretended to study Classics in London. Now work for Granada, having started with Yorkshire Television 25 years ago. Now live in Leeds. 2 marriages, 5 kids, farm in Normandy where I've planted 000s of trees. This is a conflation of class register names which is still lodged in my memory: Allen, Atkinson, Baker, Benson, Blair, Caffrey, Cieslik, Colquhoun, Comiskey, Croft, Crosby, Curry, Fearn, Forster, Fox, Gomersall, Macternan, Pallister, Patrick, Raine, Reeves, Rhodes, Roberts, Scott, Simpson, Sleightholme, Tomkinson, Ward, Williams, Wright (Samuel Strickland), Yeomans. Anybody out there?
Filip Cieslik

Andrew Cook (England)
I was in the last ever year 5KD. Now married with 2 kids and living in Strensall, York. Working in accountancy - boring! What happened to Lincoln Taylor, Derek Knopp, Victor Bell and Gary Trotter? And who poured paint stripper over Dougie Robinson's Car in the last year? It wasn't me! Also why weren't we invited to the 500th Celebration. Anyone who knows anything please let me know!
Andrew Cook

Ian Cottrell (United States)
Dean House from 1954 - 1961. University of Edinburgh 1961 - 1968. Emigrated to Canada in 1968 and the USA in 1971. Currently semi-retired but doing some consulting for biotech/chemical/consumer products companies and living in Florida near Tampa.
Ian Cottrell

Steve Crawshaw (England)
Living in Staffordshire. In 1AR, the 2-5 SW (Chalky White) then 6 and 7 JH (John Harrap) I remember playing football against him whilst still at school for Haxby versus St.John`s College (we probably won!) Would like to hear from Martin Plowman, Kevin Fitzpatrick, Nigel Tate and Kevin Watling. I`ve made contact with Phil "Arthur" Rudd and Ian "Mary" Telfor.
Steve Crawshaw

Alan Critchley (Australia)
I attended from 1963 to 1966 and it is most pleasing that memories of the brief time I spent there still remain with me. I left at the end of 1966 and migrated with my family to Australia in January 1967. My timing when starting at AHGS meant I arrived just after relocation to the new school, leaving historic buildings which had served (and survived) for several hundred years. I have vivid recollection of the swimming pool being completed very early spring, a short while after the school had opened. I believe it was finances or rather lack thereof, as the reason that nonessential works continued on well after PC of this ‘state of the art’ facility. Finance was probably also the reason the pool was ‘open air’. The reason the new pool springs to mind is that on the day of completion, as workmen were packing up to leave, students were stripping down to their underwear and diving into the crystal clear depths to retrieve florins and half-crowns being tossed into the pool by amused construction workers during what is best described as “brass monkey” conditions, It was so damn cold that even Mr P Hicks allowed swimming to be an option rather than making it a compulsory class. School Dean was DA Frith and my house master was NA Brown, a recent addition to staff I was proud to serve as coxswain of a junior rowing four which had several regatta wins, the first which being at the posh Derby Regatta and resulted in being awarded school colors. At 13 years old I recall that I was the youngest student to be wearing school sports colours at that time. This crew went on for another year with a different cox (Steve Johnson I think he was called) and the five of them together set school records which I doubt have been broken 50 years later. During either 1965 or 1966 year they won nearly every event they entered such was the awesome talent. I seem to recall the names of the crew as Nigel Gilhespie, Howard Tissiman, Fred Mead and the name of the fourth member I am unsure of but think it might have been something like Colin Adams (?).
Alan Critchley

Brian Davies (United States)
Attended 1949-1955. Ronald C Hodgson. Where is Hope, Holliday, House, Houseman, various layabouts from Selby, on the B&S bus, with contract, Robin Myres, lived at 44 Green Lane Selby, Burrows, Burrans, I hated the school but I met some nice people. Now in Pensacola, Florida, Gulf of Mexico, to get away from the English weather, but will return to visit Whitby and other superb coastal towns.
Brian Davies

John Denby (England)
John Hereward Denby attended AHGS from 1942-1948 as a Boarder and regard my schooldays as very happy times and character forming (despite frequent visits to 'Plugs' office for 6 of the best). I was eventually a Prefect and Head of House. I played in the school rugby 1st XV 1945/6, 1946/7 & 1947/8 being its captain in my last year. I also played rugby for the Yorkshire Public and Grammar Schools 1946, 1947 & 1948 against Durham and Wales. I also enjoyed athletics being the schools senior champion in 1946, 1947 & 1948. My academics did not keep pace with my sport but I subsequently went to University College Hull to continue my rugby career, (and law as a side line). I obtained an LLB 2(1) at Hull and qualified as a Solicitor in Grimsby before moving to Barrow in Furness where after 4 years as an Assistant Solicitor I set up my own practice of which I am still senior partner and still enjoy my profession.
John Denby

Richard Easby (New Zealand)
Holgate house, 1966-1970 when I emigrated to NZ. I'm keen to hear from any classmates including Kevin Fitzpatrick, Andy Walton, Paul Moran and Jon Scholey.
Richard Easby

Steve Eggleton (England)
Joined in 1966 left in 1970 only to return to complete my fifth year before having to leave again. I have many fond memories of the school and of my contemporaries, John Dye, Richard Easby, Jonathan Elliott, to name but a few. A great memory of a biology lesson with Jim Hardy dissecting a frog! Paul Carroll saying very calmly "Excuse me, Sir, I don't think Timmins is feeling very well." With that, there was the clatter of stools in the lab as Timmins hit the floor! I will use the site to contact past friends when I get the time.
Steve Eggleton

Nigel Elliot (England)
I was in Johnson, from 1959-67, Johnson Capt 1966 and School Capt 1967. I am living in Everingham near York. I have four children ranging from age 23 to 4. I am Head of Science at Beverley High School, a girls comprehensive school. I still have an interest in rugby at York RUFC so I see one or two people form AHGS there. I was involved with the Old Boys but have not had any association with them for a while. A good place to see some old faces is in the Star in Stonegate, York at lunch time on Christmas Eve. See you there!
Nigel Elliot

Kevin Elstob (United States)
This is Kevin Elstob brother of John Elstob - I attended AHGS 1971-1977. I played rugby and football, but also ran and played cricket (or tried) for the school. I moved to France after a BA at Portsmouth Poly, living in Nice and Strasbourg. Got married in Strasbourg then moved to California to get a PhD. Lived in Cleveland, Ohio for nine years then came back to the west coast. We have one child, Julien. John lives in Paris. He has two children, but is divorced from his wife. After Archies, he went to St John's then moved to France. He became the French champion at squash and naturalized as a Frenchman. He led their national team for five years as the number one player. He is still playing, but now also writes, coaches, and does motivational seminars. I'd love to hear from anyone of the 2RM, 3RM crowd, or 4TH and 5TH - I'd also be delighted to find out about what's going on with any of the footballers from the championship team of 1977.
Kevin Elstob

Dave Ellis (England)
1966-1973 (Ebor House) Still live in York ,working for Nestle in IT Would like to hear from anyone who attended around the same time as me especially Richard Boothroyd, Dave Smith, to name just two. I seem to have lost contact with a lot of the old crowd.
Dave Ellis

Neil 'Flan' Flanagan (England)
I was at AHGS between 1977 & 1982 and still live in York (ambitious eh!). I would like to hear from anyone who was around at that time and also from anyone who can tell me about the AHGS Association.
Neil Flanagan

John Foggin (Canada)
At AHGS 1954-1960, press ganged into rugby team, thanks to Mr. Watts. Exiled to Canada in 1977, would be interested to hear from any other fellow rebels, especially all those who excelled in woodwork. What a joke that was!
John Foggin

Stuart Forster (England)
I left Archies in 1965 to go to Newcastle University. Would like to hear from people like Roger Carr, Bill Broadley, John Brentley, Dave Pickard etc. Also does anyone know details of the AHGS Old Boys Society.
Stuart Forster

Bob Foster (England)
Attended 1957 -1962. Left Archies after A Levels and joined LLoyds Bank in Warwickshire. Did 30 years all over the country before becoming Senior Manager in Stratford upon Avon where I now live. Took a package in 1993, taught for eight years , now virtually retired. Rugby was my main interest although I was not so good. We used to play for the 2nd XV on Saturday mornings and then watch York Rugby League from behind the posts in the afternoon. If you took your school cap you could get in for 6 (old) pence. The guys I would love to get in contact with are Bill Backhouse , who went to Sandhurst, Bob Meir, Clive Fieldhouse, Mick Thain, Glynn Bragg and any others who remember me.
Bob Foster

Howard Frost (England)
Went to Archies from 1976 to 1983 and then onto Leicester Polytechnic and Cranfield. I am now trying to organise a re-union in 2014, in York, for those that were there around that time although others welcome if would like to come along. The details, such as they are are at:
Howard Frost

Lynda Grimmett (United Kingdom)
Looking for Derek Knopp who attended 1980 to 1985, approximate date of birth 29th July 1969, lived in Dringhouses and moved to Bournemouth.
Lynda Grimmett

John Gates (England)
In Dean from 1967 to 1973. 1JF ('Paddy' Feeney), 2SW ('Chalkie' White), 3EH ('Ernie' Holland), 4AW, 5AW ('Cheyanne'), 6? & 7? I can still remember the beginning of the register from what I think is 1JF: - Ake Beveridge Bland Boynton Beaurat Cooper Cousins Derham Easby Emmerson Forrest Freer Gates. Some of our more eccentric teachers also spring to mind: 'Spike' Milligan of the sideburns fame, 'Jack' Sharp who always waited to pounce and terrorise us when we arrived late (which was nearly every morning on the 'Haxby Special), 'Bertie' Baulchin who used to swim up and down the pool on his back at lunchtime reading a book! Happy days? I came to Australia with my wife and young kids in 1995 and we liked it so we stayed. We returned to England in late 2012. It would be great to hear from anyone who remembers me.
John Gates

Glenn Gavin (England)
Ebor House 1972 - 1979. I moved away from York to London following A - Levels to join the Police Service. Enjoyed myself in the 'Met' for the last twenty or so years. Now working in Management Development - Executive Coaching. Would like to hear from any of the lads or those of you unfortunate enough to have had to teach me.
Glenn Gavin

Jo Gilbertson (England)
Holgate House 1972-1979. Fond memories of ‘Jock’ Caley (German) and ‘A2K’ (Chemistry) and Alan Taylor– for his mentoring as I was one of the School’s first DOE participants. Still using their foundation skills on a daily basis! (Huh! Who knew at the time?). Happy with my lot, married with one lad and two dogs in Peterborough. Still love going ‘back home to York’ – but as a tripper now. Regards to all. .
Jo Gilbertson

Charlie Gill (New Zealand)
I was at Archies from about 1958 to 1965 and spent most of my first years in the bottom form of criminals known as 3BA, 4BA and so on. Like Nig Elliot I was a rugby nut in Johnson, and early mates included Bruce Poole, Roy-the nutter-Martyn and Terry Berry from Wigan. Once in the new school actually worked a bit and "Bod", the history and booze man, left me with a love of both: I now teach history and write a wine column in New Zealand. Where are you all? Roger Gulbenkian Cox, Ken Mr Cool McLeod etc.
Charlie Gill

Keith Golding (England)
I am looking for my former classmates from 1976 - 1981. We were 1 - 3 KD and then later 4 and 5AL. Also, any information about the Old Boys Society would be appreciated.
Keith Golding

Mike Gorton (South Africa)
I was at AHGS from 1968-75, in Ebor. One of the school rowing team, having great fun representing the school at the Regatta’s and then back to the YC rowing club for the celebrations after. I have been living and working in South Africa in the IT field since leaving the UK but am planning to come back to the UK with my wife, Zia and daughter Cara. I would love to hear from any of my old fried’s especially Andy White who has a posting on this site but the e-mail is not working. I can be contacted at or
Mike Gorton

Julian Gray (Canada)
I was at Archies from 1970-77 (yes, I lasted that long). I left in 1977 and worked as a computer programmer at Rowntrees until 1981 then moved to Cheltenham. In 1982 I moved to Toronto and have lived in Canada ever since (except for a 2 year stint in New York). I noticed 2 people on this site that I remembered Paul Butters and Glenn Gavin. Glen and I hung around together for quite a while, mostly in Poppleton. BTW Glenn, I ran into Nicole in Toronto in 1983 . . . what's the chance of that? I have travelled the world working as an Information Technology Management consultant and continued playing sports as I travelled. I have played mostly rugby having at one time "grown" to 220lbs. Back down to a manageable 190 now. I have been married and separated 3 times and have 2 daughters and one son. Currently, I am living in Calgary managing a computer consulting company. I still watch out for YCFC results, having been a program seller for years, and was saddened by them dropping to the Nationwide.
Julian Gray

Marie- Françoise Hamelin, nee Mercier (France)
I was a French assistant at Archies in 1980,the year I celebrated my 20th birthday. I wish I could have news from teachers or pupils, who were there at the time.
Marie-Francoise Hamelin

Colin Hazell (Australia)
Dean House 1953 -1956. Lived in Australia and New Zealand since February 1957 except for one year back in York 1974-75 season playing rugby for York RUFC and the Unicorns. I have played A Grade Rugby in the A.C.T. in Auckland, Wellington and here in Adelaide where I've also coached, been Secretary, President and am a Life member of my club The Port Adelaide Rugby Union F.C. I enjoy all sports, having a beer, travelling, reading and keeping fit (still play competitive Touch Football and Golden Oldies Rugby). I would enjoy hearing from anyone from my era or in fact from any old Archies bod, and I’m now on Facebook.
Colin Hazell

Phil Hirst (England)
Attended Archies 1983-1987 (through the change from Grammar to Comprehensive). Now a Chartered Mechanical Engineer enjoying snowboarding, and travelling. Visit my website here.
Phil Hirst

Barry Homewood (Australia)
I was at Archies for two years from 1971 to 1973 before emigrating to New Zealand. Would like to catch up with anyone who might remember me from Peter Boyd's class (2YB), particularly, Mark Dunning.
Barry Homewood

Peter Horton (England)
I was in Ebor from 1959-66. Spent most of my early years in prefect's detention preferring to tell my parents I was at choir practice. Joined school choir after parents bought tickets to watch school concert. Gave 21 years of my life to the teaching profession but took the money and ran in 1990. Currently live in Midlands, married with two grown up (?) kids and make money by doing private tuition in the evenings and a fine impression of Derrick Trotter (Del-Boy) during the day.
Peter Horton

Kerry Hutchinson (England)
I'm trying to help the AHGS Society contact a number of former teachers. If anyone knows the whereabouts of any teachers from AHGS, could you please ask them to contact me at my email address. I'm also trying to contact Geoff McGivern, ex head boy in the early 1970s and now sometimes on the television.
Kerry Hutchinson

Ian Jamieson (Australia)
I was at AHGS for 6 years until 1981 before leaving to live in Australia. I captained the soccer team through most years up to Forms 5-6 when I lost interest a bit I think. I now run a scientific/medical products rental business for a company in Melbourne, although until recently I sold orthopaedic and laparoscopic surgical equipment. Regards to anyone who's interested.
Ian Jamieson

Roger Jubinville (Canada)
I was a student at Archies from about 1959 to 1964 in Holgate. I remember standing outside Bodkin's class often because he didn't like my hair, and being in "Trial by Jury" and the "Wagon Play" along with a strange woodwork class at the Lord Mayors Walk school. Does anyone know what happened to John Shaw (also Holgate)? We were great friends and lost touch after we left AHGS. I have lived in Toronto since 1969, married with a 24 year old daughter. I teach technology in a school of about a thousand students, but will retire next year. My hobbies are sailing, recumbent cycles and fast cars. Anyone remembering those days, please let me know.
Roger Jubinville

Tony Lees (Australia)
Universally known as Taff, I was in Ebor from 1941 to 1950 (National service in RAF)I joined the civil service, and had an overseas posting to Adelaide in 1968. We returned to uk in 1971, and emigrated in 1974. I then worked for the South Australian government until I retired in 1994. My contemporaries included Peter Woodthorpe, Brian Shepherd and late head Alan Walker. I well remember Charlie Proctor's arrival from Canada. I was interested to read of the demise of the Willow Cafe.
Tony Lees

Nicholas Lombard (Italy)
I was a boarder from 1966 to 1973 along with John Dye, Rod Ake, Simon Forrest and Ian Draper. Our house masters were Spike Milligan and Al Reed and Donald Frith was headmaster. I remember many of the names on the website and it's sparked a wave of nostalgia for me. After my A-levels I took a gap year in which I did a trip round Europe in a dilapidated Ford Transit van with Martin Plowman and John Dye (who was school captain). Sadly John died a few years back following prostate surgery. The last I heard of Martin he was headed for Australia or New Zealand with ambitions to be a helicopter pilot. I did an HND in Business Studies at Bristol Polytechnic and stayed in Bristol till 2004, working first for British Aerospace, then Mitel Telecom and finally Hewlett Packard with a career in purchasing electronic components. I took voluntary redundancy in 2004 and moved to Italy with my wife and son and now live in the historic centre of Lucca in Tuscany. I have two holiday houses which I rent out and manage several others as well as project managing house renovation for overseas clients but I am on the run down to retirement in August 2015. I still have family in Yorkshire - Northallerton & Whitby. I would really like to hear from you and any news you can give me on my former classmates and schoolmasters.
Nicholas Lombard

Michael Marks (England)
I started in 1963 and finished in 1971. School was brilliant for sport. Now live in Brewood, Staffordshire having spent nearly 40 years in schools as a teacher and OFSTED Inspector. Really enjoyed social life at school, particularly after rugby most Saturdays. Pete Hick (RIP) became a role model for me and his “dummy” to the touchline worked for me several times!
Michael Marks

Brian Mitchell (England)
I went to the school from 1st year to 7th form in 1985. Now qualified as a Project Engineer, working for a worldwide Polypropylene manufacturer called Targor. Currently constructing a £10m plastics plant in Middlesbrough. Would be very interested in hearing from anybody who knew me.
Brian Mitchell

David Morritt (England)
I was at AHGS between 1974 - 1981 in Ebor. Forms were 1LT, 2LT, 3LT, 4JC, 5JC, 6PG and 7PG. Nice to read about Peter Boyd, Tony Simons and Nigel Eliott, all of whom had the misfortune to teach me! My brother, Graham, was two years behind me. I left in 1981 to read Botany & Zoology at the University of Bristol and after graduating stayed on to do a Ph.D. in Zoology. I then worked for the BBC Natural History Unit for a while before moving up north to work at a marine biological station off the west coast of Scotland. Met my wife there and I am now married with two daughters (4 and 7). Worked at University of Sheffield for four years before moving down to London: currently Lecturer in Zoology at Royal Holloway, University of London.
David Morritt

Ken Mounter (England)
I was at the school 1972-1979, Ebor House. Anyone out there of my era? We need more members in the Archbishop Holgate Association.
Ken Mounter

John North (England/France)
I joined in 1958 and left after some resits in the first term at the new school on Hull Road. I was in that criminal underclass that were distinguished with BA or AT after the year number – what Basil did to deserve us can only be guessed at! Since then I’ve survived professionally in photography and scientific stuff but am now retired and live in York and Beaumont du Perigord (France).
John North

Peter Oliver (England)
I was at Archies from '62-'69, taking in the final year at Lord Mayors Walk, the move to Badger Hill and the building of the pool. Classes from (I think) 1RD (whatever happened to Doris?)through a succession of (dear old) Chalky White's to Spike in the 6th & 7th forms and then on the Hull Uni. Would like to hear from any contemporaries and swimming/hockey mates, especially Dick Cawood, Dave(s) Taylor, Bird, Ewing, Rog Wood, Grant Burton et al... We're all hitting the big Five-Oh now. It would be great to compare receeding hairlines and expanding tenbellies.Does the Old (Farts) Boys Association still run?
Peter Oliver

David Pickering (England)
I was at Archies from 1960 to 1966 in Dean House. Most of the time I was in Chyannes form 2AW, 3AW etc. Who'd have believed he'd eventually become Headmaster. I think my claim to fame has to be my appearance in a school revue in 1961 'Trial by Jury', I was a bridesmaid together with Colin Bunyan, and looking through the folks on this billboard I am certain I recognise the fair "Angelina" from the same show. Own Up "Angelina" and contact me if I'm right, (even if you don't remember me, I was only a first former. I also was in the school athletics team running the mile. Did you know you can read all about yourself by visiting the reference section of York Library, the Mitre is there, I think in its entirety. I certainly learned things about myself that I had forgotten. Would be great to hear from anyone who remembers me. Baz Atkinson, out in Australia must remember me from the days of travelling on the bus from Selby to York, and I'm sure he is aware I am good friends with his sister Pat here in Selby where I live. Great site, keep up the good work.
David Pickering

Craig Platt (England)
1972 -1979 Holgate House. Left in 1979 to do medicine at Leicester University. Now Consultant Histopathologist. Lived in Rugby, Blackpool, Manchester, Stoke, London, but now based in Eccleshall, Staffordshire. Brother Stephen Platt (1972 - 1977) now in Pasippany, New Jersey. Recent re-union with mates from Poppleton. Tutors: Mr. Lonsdale(?) Latin - " crouch", Mackay (English), Anderson (History) - I still remember the race on the rugby pitch with the rubber rings, Spike (French), Ayres (?) - Biology, and others. Would like to hear from Tanner (Task), Whitey, Mad Marcus, Richardson, Hudson (Sunday Times Chess), Anderson (plaggie), Watto, Steel, and others. One time co-editor of the Mitre (does this still exist? Teeth still not recovered from charity amateur boxing (did his thumb?).
Craig Platt

Geoff Portas (England)
1954 – 1956 Boarder under the headship of A. Hodgson. I would be pleased to hear from anyone who remembers me. The only fellow boarders I can recall are Mike (?) Etherington and (?) Hardisty. I also recall Mr Milligan, the French teacher, who ran a small cinema in an air-raid shelter in the playground, and Sam the scout master. I now live in Northampton having recently retired from a career in Precision Machine Development.
Geoff Portas

Brian 'Charlie' Proctor (England)
I was at AHGS in 1945-51, Ebor and, briefly, a Boarder. It seems I am the oldest on this list, so how about that. I spoke initially with a Canadian accent (result of five years evacuation) and played rugby (in the last year we were unbeaten) and cricket. After a working life which has included Australia, Singapore and Scotland, I have now retired to the south coast. Any contact from school days would be welcome.
Brian Proctor

Michael Reynolds (Spain)
At Archies 1953 - 1957. Worked for the railway until joining Terrys the chocolate manufacturers in sales then emigrated to Spain in 1974 to get away from four day weeks and wage freezes and all the other horrors of the 1970s. Founded an Estate Agency which I left in 1998. Now semi retired but running a holiday villa rental business through the internet. Would love to hear about schoolfriends Paul Fawcett (Scarborough) Jim Nelson, Peter Summerskill.
Michael Reynolds

Richard Roberts (United States)
I am the Scouser that arrived in 1966, joining 2?, leaving in 1971. Frith, bless him, was great at my interview "we play football here, similar to soccer but the ball is a different shape". In those days I was, well, er fat, and my mates were pretty mean to me! Virtually the day I left I shot up to 6'1" and still have my 32" waist and remain skinny to this day. I fondly remember the go-carts, the pool during the hols and detention. Other memories are of setting fire to a magnesium pencil sharpener in Chemistry and being really mean to a new maths teacher. King Crimson, Family and Hawkwind at York Uni, the Hole in the Wall, the drunken day at York races on getting our A-level results . . . those were the days! My career in science then business has led me to my current abode near to San Franciso, after many years in Cambridge. Life is good with one 19 year old daughter and a great wife.
Richard Roberts

Ian Robson (England)
1966-72, in Dean. Would welcome getting in touch with people from the great joining year of 1966. Have some links myself to a few old boys. Left Archies after failing miserably, joined a local bank and ended up down in Bristol. Now retired and enjoying doing nothing - a bit like being back at Archies! Married with two girls, and 3 grandchildren. Rowed a lot in York, played football for Copmanthorpe, now into golf (Club Captain in 2012). Would be interested in any reunions.
Ian Robson

Bob Roscow (England)
What an interesting site. How disappointing, isn't it, when you don't see news of a remembered contemporary? So, (like you?), I just left the site. Then I thought, if we all do only that, we won't be on there when any other from our era visits the site, sees no-one they know, and exits. So I visited the site again to leave a message and see what happens. I'd be intrigued to hear from any other who was in or around my class - the last-ever Remove, who mainly started there in 1963 and did O-levels together in 1967. I think I can remember the litany of the register if I try: Alderson (Decca), Bell (Apud), Bird, Bland (Geb), Dockwray (Docker), Jefferson (Bill), Keith (Keefer), King, Lucas, Mattingley (Wult), Mellors, Miller (Pam), Newton (Ike), Palmer (Gus), Roper (Howie), Roscow ("he of great memory 35 years from now" - what a prophetic nickname), Rose (Pozzer), Rotheram (head-boy-in-the-making or so), Scaife (Scuffer), Smith (Boots), Taylor, Walker, Watson, Wray (I know he had a good nickname but I can't remember it). The list might be slightly wrong, as for three years we had a longer list, including, I think I recall : Nick Barrick, Tim Barrick, Coombes, E . . . (can't remember), Johnson, Maud and one or two more, in 2BA,and 3BA in 1964-6. Anyway, I hope this gives nostalgia to one or two who happen by the site, and I'd love to hear an update from or about any of those above or those who knew us (eg : Yanni Zimnoch (I still remermber him as an inspiration to those younger than he), Kevin Holder - the nicest boy in our year (helped me) who died aged 13 or 14 in 1964/5/6).Tragedy. Vaughan Templeton - also died young. Let's see if I get any reply!
Bob Roscow

Paul Rushworth
Attended AHGS 1973-74 (RAF kid) under Mr. R. Towse. Went to Hull College then Radio Officer merchant navy. Got married 1979 (now seven grown up kids), Radio Officer maritime coast station Humber Radio. 1990 Dutch merchant navy. 1994-2012 electrical engineering. Now part time self-employed electrical comtracting and full-time foster carer with wife.
Paul Rushworth

Ashley Scaife (Dubai)
Johnson forms 1-3 and then to the Boarding House. Looking back school was quite good fun! It would be great to hear from anyone who can remember me. Worked for Woolies for 16 years in various management positions then decided I couldn’t face any more pic n mix! Had a while in the car trade (Arthur Daley eat your heart out, would you buy a used car from me?). Last two years been in Dubai - International Shopkeeper! I look forward to hearing from you.
Ashley Scaife

Kevin Scott (England)
I would be grateful for any knowledge about any of the pupils in my year especially news of the lives or whatever of the following people Roger Fallon, Gary Ogle, Chris Stark or anyone else who started at AHGS in 1970.
Kevin Scott

Rod Shaw (New Zealand)
I was at the old school from 54-61 (I think), in Ebor, and thoroughly enjoyed it (I think). All through school I was known as "Raz". Main sporting achievements: playing chess and badminton. Then went to Sheffield University (Biochem), then to Newcastle, then emigrated to New Zealand in 1969. I would like to know what happened to some of the teachers (especially Holderness, who must take the blame for my scientific career) and Thompson, Currington, Dearman, Milligan, Burns, and the little geology chap whose name I can't recall. Not to mention some fellow criminals, especially Debenham, Allenson, Corbett, Cotterill, Lister, various Smiths, Wilkins, and Sykes. Call me old-fashioned, but I have to say I am horrified to think of AHGS no longer being a GS, not to mention the move from Lord Mayor's Walk, all of which mercifully occurred after my time.
Rod Shaw

Tony Simons (England)
I went to Archies between 1965 and 1971 and then taught there from 1974 to 1985.
Tony Simons

John K. Sutherland (Canada)
I was in Johnson House at AHGS from about 1952 to about 1958. I played in the entirely unmusical school orchestra for several years until I suffered a broken wrist, and then I was mercifully spared any further agony. After attending Manchester University for six years, I was offered a job in Eastern Canada where I still live. I would dearly love to know about Arnold Holderness, as I feel I owe him so much, though he might scorn to be remembered by the likes of me. I started my professional life in Geology and then switched - for the last 20 odd years - into the Nuclear Industry, for which I still do a lot of work and training. I saw that one of my contemporaries - Malcolm Beckwith - was curious about me, so I tried to respond directly, but with no luck. Anyone else who might remember my name with even slight pleasure (though why anyone would, beats me), is welcome to contact me.
John Sutherland

Henry Tate (United States)
AHGS, 1955 – 1962. Boarder Feb. 1960 - July 1962. Now living in Phoenix Arizona. Came to States in 1966 right out of University. Have lived in Western NY State (Niagara Falls), Connecticut and Maine prior to Arizona. Remember numerous names - Bob Meir, Clive Fieldhouse,(they were my horse racing contacts). Adrian Hunter, Peter (Henry) Gallagher, Pud Farmer, Derek Newall, Brian Wilson and many others in the Boarding House. Would love to hear from anyone from that era.
Henry Tate

Trevor/Geoff Taylor
This notice is posted by his daughter, Alison Macklin who asks: I’m looking for people who may have known my dad, Trevor/Geoff Taylor. He would have been at AHGS 1955-62, and lived in Nun Monkton. He enjoyed rowing and diving. I’m looking for any pictures of him from those days.
Alison Macklin

Martyn (Tom) Taylor (United States)
At AHGS 1966-1974. In 1JF then 2-5SW. Cocked-up O Levels and so graduated to Transitus! In Bodkin’s form in 6th. Choir - Robin Black, Hockey - Chalky White, School plays - Concord and being a proud member of Holgate under Cheyenne. Unbelievably, became a Secondary School Head teacher. Now retired and living in Newark.
Martyn Taylor

Liz Taylor (Wales)
I must be the first girl to make an entry into this site. I attended Archies from 1986 to 1991 and was in School House during my first year which they did away with and had to move to Ebor (our bitter rivals). Was in forms 1HH, 2MD, 3MD (then moved to 3DD), 4ES and 11ES. They changed the year titles in my final year!! And brought in the rule that girls could wear trousers as well (thank you Mr Walker, as a tomboy I hated skirts). Done various office jobs since leaving, moved to Wales in 1997 and have since gained three A-Levels (finally). Still not sure what I want to do with my life but am studying for a BA Humanities in the evening. I keep in touch with the school as I'm Joint Membership Secretary of the Archbishop Holgate's Association, along with Charlotte Patrick. We are the only female members at the moment but hope to improve that in the future.
Liz Taylor

Colin Teare (England)
At Archies 1968-1976 - one year in Transitus for my shame - and didn't make it at York City after Wilf McGuiness came in. Variety of trials at other clubs but no joy, so settled back in York and worked at Polar, Contract Hire and Leasing refrigerated vehicles for 13 years. Left to start own business at Market Weighton 1990, broke my back in accident 1991 forcing major rethink of life! Now working as Training Officer in Hull with unemployed brats 18-25 years old. Would love to hear from anybody of same era who remembers me from 1PH onwards, Andy Booth, Boothroyd, Alan Tomlinson, Chris Wells, Sammy Horner, Carl Dixon, Keith Miller etc.
Colin Teare

Andrew Turner (New Zealand)
I was at AHGS from 1979 to 1985, Dean House. Forms 1TS, 2SK, 3BT, 4JC, 5JC, and 6TL. Tuck Shop Manager in my 6th Form. Now living in New Zealand. Was involved in Robert Bunting and Barry Russell's choirs and orchestras, X-Country and Athletics teams. It would be great to hear from anyone who remembers me, or from anyone with info on what happened to staff or those at the school during this period.
Andrew Turner

Richard Vincent (England)
Attended Archies 67-73. Ebor House. Was keen on athletics, hockey, cross-country (this must have paid off as I have just done my 10th Robin Hood half marathon on 12/9/10 in just over 2 hrs). Was in classes with Steve White, Al Walker, Bertie Balchin and still have all the form photos which I must get around to putting on Friends Reunited to embarrass a good few people inc one or two names on here (Mssrs Crawshaw and Gates). Left to study (?) Economics at Essex Uni 73-76, came back to York afterwards and got a 3 month temp job at BREL that lasted 2 years before I got a ‘proper job’ in Dept Trade and Industry in Teesside. Moved to Nottingham with Civil Service in 1983 and still live here although work has taken me through Leicestershire, Lincolnshire and now Nottinghamshire County Councils always in economic development/inward investment functions. It used to be good and saw me on trips around Europe, Japan and India but is now a total drag and I cant wait to be made redundant in next 6 months. Still in occasional touch, or know how to get in contact with several ex-Archies including Dave Smith, Keith Bevan, Andy Ives, Dave Marshall, Ian Draper, Dave Ellis, Simon Wright and (not strictly ex-Archies) Barney the youngest son of Donald Frith. Have been married to ex Queen Annes girl Sue Ferguson for nigh on 30 years and have 2 sons 22 and 19. Enjoy running, cycling, playing guitar, live blues/rock, gardening and am about to become a Trustee of a large Almshouse Charity.
Richard Vincent

Alan Yoward (England¬)
AHGS 1950-56, living in York, straight A in rugby and athletics, Ebor house. I still meet with Eric Walkington in York, and kept in touch with Sam Lack for a long time after school days.
Alan Yoward

Richard Watson (Antigua)
AHGS 1972-1979. This is Watto. Cannot remember which house (it was yellow) and the sixth form is all a bit of a haze. Left Archies to do a surveying degree at Trent Poly. Returned to York to get qualified and founded a practice with another ex-boy. Had a ball mostly working in Europe; Paris (Disneyland), Germany (hotels) and Amsterdam (best forgotten). Moved to London mid 90's for a stint in corporate life as Property Director of a quoted leisure company, before putting up the brass plaque again. Gave it all up in 2003 and bought a sailing yacht. Spent three years bobbing around the Med before sailing across the Atlantic. Have been in the Caribbean ever since, doing some surveying again and now selling yachts. Married almost 25 years to someone who enjoys the travel and adventure as much as I do. Still have the boat and getting itchy feet again. To Craig Platt - I remember the charity boxing match well, but does anyone recall the 1978 Dutch exchange? I still hear from best man Robin Dickson (Dicko) he stayed in York playing with his organs and dabbling in politics but have lost touch with fireman Paul Williams. My much older brother Malcolm Watson is still around. He went to the old school postwar, and made a career in pensions with the Pru. Has long since retired to Cheshire with the grandkids.
Richard Watson

Gordon Weetman (Canada)
I was at the school from 1944 to 1949 at which time my father, who worked for Rowntrees, was transferred to Toronto, Canada. I went to University of Toronto Schools for 2 years of Grade 13 and the took forestry at the University of Toronto and then went to Yale for a PhD in Forest Ecology. I have been in industrial forest research for 15 years then 30 years teaching forestry at the Universities of New Brunswick and British Columbia. I am presently Professor emeritus at the UBC Faculty of Forestry, My memories of Archbishop Holgates, in the war years, and after, was that it was very traditional British boys school atmosphere with quite harsh discipline and very uneven teaching. The transfer at age 16 to a British style boys school in Ontario was very in my mind a big improvement with an open door to a university education which would have been very questionable in York in 1950.
Gordon Weetman

Andy White (England)
1969-76, in Ebor, then Boarders, then back to Ebor. (RAF kid . . . ) Love to get in touch with Mick Gorton (went to S Africa), Andy McKay, Chris Lombard or Paul Rolf, and anyone in Al Read's wacky fifth form... 'Out demons out'and YC Rowing Club disco's. Did Geology in London and six years on the rigs. Married, divorced, remarried, two girls 8 and 6 and living in Surrey, working for a US software company.
Andy White

Graham Whiteside (England)
I was a member of the last Archbishop Holgate's Grammar School year in 1985 and cannot describe without lying the joy my school days were! But I'd still like to hear from anyone I went to school with during those days, and maybe catch up with them sometime!
Graham Whiteside

Brian Wilson (England)
I now live in Wiltshire. I was at AHGS from 1955 to 1962 as a Boarder. I went up to Sheffield University leaving in 1966 with a B.Ed. I taught for 2 years, but left for a management career. Having qualified as an Accountant I have developed my own Consultancy Business; concentrating on European funding. I know that Boarding life was not for me, but I have strong and very happy memories of Rodney Mayes - the choir and the orchestra. He stimulated my continuing interest in music. My wife and I now sing with a number of choirs (touring Italy in 2007) and I have published and sold a number of small musical works. Look forward to hearing from anyone!
Brian Wilson

Tim Wilson (England)
AHGS from 1969 to 1975, following older brother Julian, who I think was 5th year when I got there. I seem to remember Grigsby was my last teacher 5PG. Eventful life, although didn't make enough of my time at AHGS - too busy rushing off down the market at 4pm, to the barrow boy job I had. Good to hear many of you made good. Worked in mostly sales environments till early 1990s, took a year off to go to Uxbridge college to take 5 half A Levels (phy, chem, biol, maths, and hist) for no reason other than I felt bad at not having studied well at school. Mid-1990s started in the building industry, mainly with property management companies, estate agents etc, to carryout refurbishing contracts. Wound things up 1999, moved to Ukraine for four years, married my Russian wife there in 2003, moved to Amsterdam in the summer that year, spent two years back in the building industry. In 2005, I moved to France, where we have been antique dealers for the last seven years, I also still do some refurbishing works when I feel like it. Have one divorce , four grown up daughters and two grandchildren; as they say ' two out of three ain't bad' :)
Tim Wilson

Chris Wise (England)
1959 - 1966 then ran away to sea thus neatly avoiding 'A' Levels. Ended up with a Master Mariner's certificate on the Europe to Australia/New Zealand Container Service. (Was 2nd Officer on the world's largest refrigerated container vessel at one time - my only claim to fame). Came ashore in 1980 and worked in London. Nuf sed. Came back to York in 1988 when I set up a software development company specialising in Marine Software. Took up flying in 1998 - got to do something to keep the challenges coming!
Chris Wise

Geoff Yeomans (Scotland)
I was at Lord Mayor's Walk for three years and two up at Badger Hill. No longer a GS, what a shame. My stay was punctuated with rugby mainly with memories of Pete Hick ("I'll play for the rest") getting a good hiding from his own side. Great times and great pals, such as Frank Brazier, Dave Calam, Mike Comiskey, Ken Twigg. I first met Fil Ceislik in a junior school rugby rally before AHGS, he split my bottom lip wide open with the top of his head! I've been in Bermuda for 11 years and New Zealand for two, but semi-retired in the Highlands, working for NHS Scotland.
Geoff Yeomans

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