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Notchbacks page

Sometimes they do come back

To start out with I have 2 1971 notch back vega's, First one is painted 87' IROC camaro blue. It has a 350 small block chevy actullay its a 400ci block with a steel 327 crank and factory steel rods out of a ford 300ci strait 6, custom J&E forged pistons 13.5:1,(Kinda wierd combo huh?). Im runnin a Crower solid roller 750lift(kinda big huh, actually its the biggest that you could stuff into a small block, for heads i have Dart II Sportsman's that have been ported the crap outta em, Holley strip dominator intake, 750 dominator carb thats been flowed at 950 By C&J carb shop. Backing that up is a th400 with trans brake Done by Cleans Racing Trans. in Long Beach,ca. 8 inch 5,500 stall converter, narrowed ford 9' rear end with 4:88 gear ratio, 4 link, Toms K&A axels. And with all this neat stuff i have turned a 10.40 at 120mph all motor. The other is a bone stock notchback, with a bone stock 350, its dark green, automatic th350, and in the process to turn it from mild to wild. And will keep everyone posted on the project.

So far i have the body work all done, A Harwood 3 1/4 cowl induction hood, and in a few days a camaro style spoiler from my buddy charlie (aka Vegasmblk), 12 bolt chevy rear end 3:73 posi, im in the process of restoring the interior back to stock. This one will be my daily driver, wont be as wicked. More streetable too. Im going to run Sanderson shorty headers (since theyre more in my budget, and i havent seen a car with them yet, For muffler's im gonna run dual 2 1/2" to a Y pipe to a 3" pipe through a single Bullet Magnum(straight through style)muffler. So the exhaust is tucked up nice and neat so it is not all hanging down and that i can lower it allot more than it is. For wheels i have 2 15x3 1/2 polished centerline auto drags with 155 series tires(Off my friends bug) in the rear are 2 15x7 centerlines with g60 series Mc Creary's. Motor wise is a stock 350 2bbl for now. For motor mounts i used a mount kit from Trans Dapt. It came with motor mounts and trans mounts, and only costed about 100 bucks, and they can by used with most vega headers, except for the big dogs (Hooker Super Comp.'s) that are 2 1/4" primary tubes. They wont work, but the smaller size hookers will work with a couple mods(denting the headers) Also you can only run a th350 with these mounts!. For an oil pan you have 2 choices(as far as my knowledge goes) buy an aftermarket one, or have a stock pan fabricatedto fit the vega. If you want to fab your own pan click on the link below for the and that link has all the specs you need. That is what i did, worked pretty good too. Next is the cooling system, I skipped all the crap and went down and bought one made for my car, but their are other alternatives. There are some other mods you have to do to the car like denting the trans tunnel a little bit so it will accept the th350 or what ever tranny you decide to run, then you might have to shorten the drive shaft (Depending on which transmission you use). As far as i know the stock vega rear end will hold up to the v8(Barely), but only a stock v8, so you would have to baby it. As far as the brakes, they should come first! you should make sure you are able to stop before you decied to go fast.

If you have any questions on your vega project just email me, or click on the links below, and they have all the info you need.

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