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Hello and thanks for stopping by to visit and find out alittle more about me.

Im in the process of working on it so be carefull....things might fall on ya.

Well, before we begin, grab a beer and sit back and relax to enjoy all the pictures

Soooo, you want to know all the little secretes about me huh? Well, you must be wondering what size?... right? That seems to be the first question in everyones mind. (We will get to that later.)

Im 32 yrs old, about to be 33 soon. I was born and raised in NJ.

I have no children but love kids. I have Been Married before but now Devorced. My most precious things in my life right now are my three dogs. Sauvage who is my Dobi mixed, Sheena who is my Rott, and Christine who is my baby terrier mixed.

I love to dance, i enjoy all types of music but mainly Reggae.

I am an animal lover who loves to rescue all types of strays. I love fishing, crabbing, boating, bingo games, comedy shows, gambling, travel and quiet nights home alone here on this thing.

I live with a very special man who takes care of all my needs.

I'm Italian and hes Haitian. We are going on three years now together.

I am 5'7', I have short brown hair with streaks of blond, brown bedroom eyes, I have olive color skin where some people mistaken me for Puerto Rican, i speak spanish, english and Im in the process of learning Creole. The last time i weighed myself, i was about 170lbs, with a bra size of (oops) not so fast

My favorite chat rooms are in Talkcity, black men white woman rooms and sexy flirts.

One thing about me is that I am not looking for love on the web, I just like to meet new people and have a good time talking and sending little emails.

I was born in August so that makes me a leo with a very bad temper..but a heart of gold..:)

Im a very outgoing type of person who enjoys plenty of jokes and pictures..nothing offends me...but i do have a shy part of me at times.. So if you would like to send me some of your favorite pictures and jokes, im always ready for a good laugh

Well, I think you have waited long enough to know the size now....... Double




Heres a few of my Favorites:

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