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Let's Rocket!


Two years ago, the space pirate Divatox threatened Earth with annihilation. The planet's first and only line of defense, the Turbo Rangers, were Powerless to stop her. Their Command Center fell after their zords were destroyed and it seemed certain that Earth would follow.

By a whim of fate, however, Divatox was called away in service to Dark Spectre. In her absence the Turbo Rangers rallied, convincing the space agency NASADA to send them to the stars. They headed for Eltare in a desperate attempt to locate Zordon, but they were intercepted by Andros instead.

The only surviving Ranger of a lost world, Andros did not welcome their presence, but he could not ignore their need. They banded together to form a new team that took purpose from each of its members. The five teammates journeyed the galaxies in search of a captured Zordon, a kidnapped Kerone, and all the allies they could gather in the face of a rapidly escalating war.

The Astro Rangers were eventually joined by Zhane, an old friend of Andros' who turned out to be less dead than was originally thought. They worked briefly with the mysterious Phantom Ranger, Cassie's high school crush from their Turbo days. Andros' long lost sister helped them for a time as well, being less lost yet more misplaced than anyone had imagined.

Unfortunately for all of them, the reprieve granted to the Turbo Rangers was running out. Dark Spectre himself set his sights on Earth, and his forces began to swarm the rest of the universe. This last battle was one the Rangers seemed destined to lose as the countdown to destruction reached its inevitable conclusion...

Zero Hour

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"When faith was tested and dreams were fading fast
We held each other close until the rain had passed"
--Collin Raye

The Aerie