X Games

by Adrienne Sekitou and Starhawk

"To go faster and farther than anyone ever before
To be braver and stronger and truer and then even more
To give all that you can be and all that you've ever longed for"


Wednesday: Head Count
The Rangers need a vacation, but shockingly, some of them have actual jobs.

Thursday: Check In
Rangers at the Games wish they weren't, and Rangers not at the Games wish they were.

~Drunk Horses~
"a bunch of Rangers don't team up, and evil is supposedly thwarted"

Friday: Full House
It turns out that thwarting evil makes people very late, but at least one team is back together.

Saturday: Sneaking Around
If there's one thing that Hunter and Cam do well, it's keeping attention off of Dustin and Marah.

Saturday: Party Night
They may not be telling their teammates the truth, but they're sure having a good time.

~Home To You~
"A few small children get together, and good is immediately confused."

Sunday: Send Off
Five ninjas and one samurai are at varying levels of readiness for the trip home.


"There's a fire in the heart and it feels like a hunger
The spirit is burning, consumed by a flame
To be one of the best of the best in the world is its name"
--John Denver, "The Gold And Beyond"

The Aerie