The Community Center

Not Evil, Just Mad
Hunter's day was going fine until he got attacked by a really big dog.

Sucks To Be You
Cam's day was going very badly until he woke up next to Hunter.

Crazy Making
Cam is starting to figure things out, but Hunter is only getting more confused.

Alpha, Beta, Gamma
Hunter offers to get Cam out of Ninja Ops. Cam should have asked more questions.

Trouble With The Truth
The other Rangers are feeling out of the loop, and Cam's not helping.

Hunter goes back to work and Cam finally starts thinking rationally again.

Cam goes for a romp on the beach while Hunter meets kelzaks, concerned citizens, and a reporter.

Siren Scent
Hunter has a visitor whom Cam instantly hates. Possibly with good reason.
Not for all audiences. Click title for warnings.

Rank And Reason
Cam is adjusting to his wolf form, and if Blake gets in his way he's going to have to adjust too.

The Rangers take the day off and for some reason everyone ends up at the track.

Aliens In The Closet
Hunter watches things get weirder and manages to mostly keep up.
Not for all audiences. Click title for warnings.

Leader Of The Pack
Hunter's authority is not so much challenged as it is completely ignored. Cam does something about it.

Coming To Find You
Cam and Shane have unexpected visitors, and Hunter is alternately suspicious and annoyed.

Cam runs into the pack's guard, and they help each other out.
Not for all audiences. Click title for warnings.

Everyone Screws Up Sometimes
Cam is brilliant and kind of stupid, but Hunter doesn't care. Possibly because he can't remember it.

Run Or Rest
The Rangers are banned from the academy for reasons that aren't immediately clear.


The Miranda Warning
Two years after Cam was turned into a wolf, he's close enough to the pack to understand
what 'mating season' really means. Hunter deals with the fallout. Also, Time Force chases Shane.
Not for all audiences. Click title for warnings.

The Aerie