Try Me

Try Me
Un-scene between "Return Of Thunder" parts 3 & 4: Hunter tries to make amends.

Un-scene at the end of "Pork Chopped": Cam realizes his mistake.

After "The Samurai's Journey," Sensei notices some things about his son.

Post "Scent Of A Ranger": Hunter is Not Amused by Cam's doppelganger.

Love Hangover
Post "I Love Lothor": Blake decides to do some investigating.

Old School
Before "Sensei Switcheroo," Dustin calls upon his comic book knowledge.

The Bike
Un-scene in "Brothers In Arms": Cam picks Hunter up and dusts him off.

The Bike, Again
Un-scene in "Shimazu Returns": Cam and Hunter try to balance personal lives and Rangering.

Bear Hug
At the end of "General Deception" part 2, Hunter sneaks up on Cam.

Doing Good
After "Gem Of A Day," Cam talks to someone who shouldn't be there.

Taking Sides
Un-scene in "Down And Dirty": Cam is unexpectedly accosted by both Hunter and Blake.

Un-scene at the beginning of "Storm Before The Calm": Cam and Hunter try to be inconspicuous.

The Aerie