"First Year" series


First Year
The Astro Rangers have found that there is life after graduation.

Access Denied
On KO-35, Andros is having trouble prioritizing.

Ranger Status
Someone decides that good morphers really shouldn't be going to waste.

Rally T
It's funny, though; most Rangers tend to be kind of attached to their morphers.

In The News
KO-35 goes public, and the Astro Rangers are left wondering what to do next.

Carlos gets fed up with vacillation and decisions are made.

No Matter What
Surprisingly, there are Rangers that still go to class. Justin just isn't one of them.

Wake Up
Ashley decides that being left out isn't fun. Zhane could have told her that.

War Games
"Raindrops on the windshield, there's a storm moving in"

Kerone gets to vent, and Cassie's going to wish she'd taken that nap.

"Just remember whatever you do, somebody's watching over you"

The only thing Andros likes less than Ty being Zhane's lover is the idea of him being a Ranger, too.

Perfect Life
Andros and Ashley make different choices. Zhane gets mad.

Pass Fail
Apparently there's no partial credit on Ranger exams.

Zhane and Andros manage to converse in a semi-rational manner.

Ashley feels sorry for herself, and for once Ranger technology fails in a pinch.

Different Circumstances
Karen's advice gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "just be yourself".

Ashley stays, Carlos leaves, and basically no one pays any attention to what anyone else is doing.

Asunder II
"II" is my new synonym for "meanwhile"... our dimension, not-our Rangers.

Different Circumstances II
To say there is dialogue would be an understatement. Rangers talk.

Unresolved II
The Rangers switch back, leaving loose ends in the alternate dimension and Andros in a snit.

The gang reunites on Earth for a pizza party. Ty and Kerone give advice,
and Andros finally admits what's really bothering him.

The team heads back to KO-35. Andros, Ashley, and Zhane
reach a tentative equilibrium, and Kerone faces a choice.

The Aerie

Note: From "Unresolved II" onward, story summaries are provided by Travler.