"First Star" series


First Star
Our galaxy comes under siege, and the war is that much closer to home.

Kerone has a lot of free time when her fellow Rangers are busy.

Worlds Apart
Someone Cassie would rather forget comes back into her life.

Hear Me
Kerone learns Zhane's secret, and Cassie's old habits die hard.

Storm Shelter
Zhane faces his fear with Kerone's help.

Andros and Ashley take the night off.

Stone's Throw
Cassie has to haul Saryn's butt out of trouble. Again.

Some Barox attack Earth--no one really knows why.

Learning to Live
The Rangers drag their "alien" teammates to a beach picnic.

Jealous Love
Saryn and Kerone bond.

Strategy Session
Ecliptor's information leads to a battle plan.

Kerone analyzes Saryn's relationship with Cassie.

Guarded Affection
Carlos may be working on Aquitar, but he's not paying attention.

Starry Night
Zhane and Kerone talk about the past.

Final preparations for the assault are made.

Under Fire
It's tough to fight evil when you're fighting each other.

Splinter Group
With the others captured, it's up to Cassie and Linnse to coordinate the attack.

Battle Cry
Reinforcements arrive--on both sides.

The good of the many over the one as the Rangers try to blast their way off of the flagship.

"Rule number one: never leave a teammate behind."

Nightmare Legacy
Something inexplicable happens as they try to pick up the pieces.

"For we have loved the stars too fondly to be frightened of the night."

Is there any way out? Would they know if there wasn't?

Saryn goes on a mental tour, and Aura fires Carlos as her friend.

Winning never fixes everything, but the best friends are friends forever.

Awake and Dreaming
Carlos faces the questions he's been avoiding.

Every Morning
Rise and shine! The Rangers get ready to hold a press conference.

Together Alone
The Astro Rangers watch the broadcast, play hangman, and hassle Cetaci at rehearsal.

For Honor
Carlos finally says something right, and the Rangers are recognized for their awesomeness.

Remember This
"Some things are meant to be"

The Aerie