"First Kiss" series


First Kiss
Ashley kisses Andros, and Astronema's quantron attacks increase.

Late Night
The Rangers have been fighting all day, but no one can sleep.

Old Friends
Phantom returns, and the Rangers discover the reason for the recent attacks.

Comings and Goings
While the Aquitian Rangers defend Earth, the Astro team goes in search of Zordon.

Cassie and Phantom talk, and the Rangers find a surprise in sector 439.

Before the Storm
There's some unexpected downtime before the coming assault.

Power Up
The team prepares to infiltrate three of Divatox's ships.

Fifteen Minutes
Andros said that fifteen minutes could be a long time--he had no idea.

The Rangers try to regroup, but it's harder than they expected.

What do you do when there's nothing to do except wait?

Follow the Stars
The team is reunited on the strength of a song.

Morning After
Andros and Ashley inadvertently cause some controversy on the Megaship.

Ghost Stories
Cassie finds Phantom when he most needs to talk.

The gateway gives the Rangers a glimpse of what might have been.

Second Chance
The Megaship crash-lands, and the team finally locates Carlos and Ashley.

Zordon isn't as far away as the Rangers thought.

"Hey, Andros, you don't happen to have anyone hanging around the Megaship in cryogenic stasis, do you?"

New Ground
Two relationships are at a turning point.

Thinking Out Loud
It's so much easier to doubt at night...

Sleeping In
The Rangers get a few extra hours of sleep, thanks to someone's practical joke.

Lag Time
Sometimes you don't realize things until later.

Zhane and Andros choose life on the Megaship over Rayven.

Not everyone reacts well to Zhane.

Team Conflict
The rest of the team learns of Phantom's past.

Without You
The Rangers return to Earth and Phantom departs for Aquitar--the jerk.

Full Moon
Sometimes, the love of your life is right there in front of you.

Phantom realizes he made a mistake--duh. I could have told him that.

Ordinary Life
"I have to end as I meant to begin. Well, I did begin that way, but I meant it, too."

The Aerie