"Final Days" series


Final Days
The Astro Rangers have almost learned what it is to be normal.

From The Shadows
A new enemy disrupts their routine--surprise, surprise!

Psycho Therapy
Andros and Ashley recover from the Psycho Rangers' attacks.

Hold On
There's nothing like change to make you appreciate what you have.

Unfamiliar Territory
Carlos' adventures at the Alliance Conference.

Daydreaming, passing notes, and skipping class.

For Knowing You
Kerone certainly knows how to sneak in the back.

Shapeshifters are not comfortable enemies.

Hazy Dreams
What does it mean to be who you are?

Pyscho Yellow's actions raise some identity issues.

Trust Me
Carlos tries to reconcile with Aura.

Basic Needs
Ashley wonders about her future.

Kerone realizes that not all answers come from within.

Ring Finger
Tessa learns that, for Rangers, even prom night isn't sacred.

Unexpected Sources
DECA isn't alone.

Cassie tries to find her place in Saryn's life.

Enemy In Waiting
The Psycho Rangers aren't out of the picture yet.

Things Change
Psycho Pink gets some help, and the Astro team makes a decision.

Cap And Gown
It's graduation day.

Separate Ways
"All good things," you know.

The Aerie