"First Blood" series


First Blood
Astronema makes a decision that could change the course of two dimensions.

Power Theory
Karen decides to spend her summer break on KO-35. Ashley gives her a tour.

Good Faith
The Rangers in JT's dimension got Astronema's message, but shockingly they don't believe her.

Fuzzy Bunnies
It turns out that Cestria and Leanne have something in common: the answers.

Deeper Worth
Kerone and Zhane talk about the future, and there's an arguably uninteresting party.

Nothing At All
In JT's dimension, Cassandra apologizes to Jenna while Ashley falls in with some ninjas.

Face The Storm
Ashley meets Cam, Carlos meets Cetaci, and TJ meets their replacements.

Kae's arrival was not without consequences, which makes our dimension unhappy.

Kerone gets to see JT's dimension and Hunter decides not to shoot Ashley.

Zhane has a new friend, Kae has an old hobby, and Kerone gets some company.

Voice Of Dissent
Earth has new Rangers, a lot of zords, and reinforcements on the way. Andros is worried.

Funny Story
Because JT's dimension really needed some more Rangers, and Andros didn't have enough to do.

Remember Me
Zhane is clever, Kae is chatty, Astronema leaves and everyone else comes back home.

Moving On
Big things may change a life. But little things, day by day, incrementally and irrevocably, will.

Family Support
Kae gets an official ID, Zhane gets into real estate, and Carlos gets over himself.

House Hunters
Zhane and Ashley go on a secret mission that the whole team probably knows about.

Welcome To Wayward
Members of the Earth team help the Kerovan Rangers move. Also, there are cookies.

Why We Go
Ty meets someone, Ashley and Karen travel, Andros comes out. Kerone and Zhane discuss family.

Last Night On Eltare
"I win. Dark Spectre loses." The vast majority of JT's dimension celebrates.

Phoenix Family
Ashley, Andros, Zhane, and Kerone have a family meeting, and there is talk of rings.

The Aerie