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The main purpose of this site is to archive my Power Rangers fanfiction. It also serves as a place where I can goof off with relative impunity. "Starhawk" is a trail name I used years ago and then resurrected when I started posting on the web. If you're curious, I'm female and my given name is *Andrea.

The fanfiction here is focused on the Astro Rangers (Power Rangers in Space) and the Ninja Rangers (Power Rangers Ninja Storm). This does not exclude the presence of Rangers from other teams, and there are also stories about the Wild Force team (Power Rangers Wild Force) and Time Force Rangers (Power Rangers Time Force). I occasionally conspire--I mean, collaborate--with my sister, Travler, and my friend, Adrienne Sekitou. Some of their work can be found here as well.

Updates: Occasionally I upload something new. This' the list of what and when.
Notices: An archive of past musings and miscellaneous fanfic.* (I mostly use my livejournal for this now.)
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*Earth: Final Conflict, Andromeda, Power Rangers, X-Men, The Matrix, Sky High, Doctor Who, Ghost Rider.

The First Saga

This series of series follows the Astro Rangers through their senior year of high school, graduation, and the transition to college life--or life offworld, as the case may be. Although much of the First Saga takes place after "Power Rangers in Space" ended, it is AU in the sense that many events from the show (ie, Zhane's awakening, Astronema's defection) happen differently in "First". When the series begins it's as close to canon as I could make it, but it begins to diverge almost immediately.

Universe: A brief summary of all the "First" series and how they relate to each other.
Zero Hour: A mostly canon follow-up to the PRS finale, "Countdown to Destruction". This story actually takes place during the last commercial break, and as such it could be considered a long "missing scene".

--This is the first series in the First Saga. It begins on 8/16/98 and ends on 8/22/98.
--"Extraspace" is a parallel universe where the Astro Rangers don't exist. It's only related to the "First" universe in that some of the Astro Rangers have seen this other reality and were disturbed by it.
--This is the second series in the First Saga. It begins on 8/31/98 and ends on 9/5/98.
--This is the third series in the First Saga. It begins on 9/17/98 and ends on 9/21/98.
--In a moment of sheer whimsy, I decreed this to be the elusive fourth "First" series. It's actually just a collection of unrelated stories that happen to take place between September of 1998 and May of 1999.
--This is the fifth series in the First Saga. It begins on 5/22/99 and ends on 6/5/99.

--JT's Dimension is a somewhat darker version of our own, where Dark Spectre will eventually push the forces of good back to a fraction of their pre-war territory. The Rangers from "First" will visit and be visited by their doubles in this alternate reality.
--This is the sixth series in the First Saga. It begins on 8/29/99 and ends on 11/27/99.
--I suppose I'm going to have to call this the seventh "First" series. It's mostly a record of e-mails that Ashley writes to her friends during the holiday season, the first being sent on 11/29/99 and the last on 12/27/99.
--This is the eighth series in the First Saga. It begins on 1/22/00 and ends on 2/19/00.
--This is the ninth series in the First Saga. It begins on 5/31/00 and ends in January of 2001.
--This is the tenth series in the First Saga. It begins on 7/1/05.


"reality": My sister coined the term "quote reality" to describe that indefinable intersection between imagination and everyday life. These stories are related only in that they all take place somewhere along that vague boundary where characters and "real" people can interact. Some of Adrienne's work appears here, and Travler periodically co-authors.

--These are series, fillers, and standalones involving the fictional Aquitian team (Cetaci, Cestria, Aura, Billy, and Delphinius) that appears in the First Saga.
--These are series and standalones mostly unrelated to the First Saga that center on the relationships between Andros, Ashley, Zhane, and Kerone. Some of Adrienne's work appears here.
--These are series and standalones mostly outside of "First" continuity that focus on Cassie and Saryn, the Phantom Ranger from "First". Saryn's fictional Ranger teams are incidental characters.
--These are series and standalones unrelated to the First Saga that involve both the "Wild Force" and "Time Force" Ranger teams. The "Heartbeat" series begins in the spring of 2004, two years after "Power Rangers Wild Force" concluded.
--These are a couple of stories I wrote during National Novel Writing Month, November of 2004 and 2005. In the grand tradition of Ranger children "fanfiction," I've sent my favorite Rangers' kids off to school together.

Storm Stories

The following Ninja Storm stories are completely independent of the First Saga but several of them do take place in the same timeline. All this means is that if I ever feel like crossing them over in the future, I will feel totally justified in doing so. Every last one of these stories assumes that Hunter and Cam are the OTP. I will not go to the mat for this belief, but I am happy to illustrate my position (at length, it would seem) through the following series.

Off Guard
--Set at some point during the season, this series depicts Cam and Hunter recognizing the attraction between them and trying to decide what to do about it.
Try Me
--This series follows the season closely from beginning to end by piggybacking additional scenes onto specific episodes. Hunter and Cam are an established but hidden relationship.
X Games
--Co-written with Adrienne Sekitou, who maintains a separate X Games page, this series follows the Ninja Rangers on a five-day trip to X Games IX.
Year Of Thunder
--Two days after the season finale, Hunter and Cam are trying to decide what to do with their lives. They come to an agreement that involves teaching at the academies and eventually coming out.

--An alternate universe revolving around the idea that Miko didn't die. Her presence at the Wind Academy would have changed more than just Cam's life. (Oh, and also, there are aliens. Debatable whether this part is AU.)
--Here's a fun and not particularly original idea: what if Cam got turned into a werewolf? The timeline is vaguely end-of-season-ish, and Hunter is seriously screwed.
--Assuming that Lothor was defeated in a way that didn't destroy most of the zords or cost Cam his amulet, and Hunter was the one who joined Factory Blue instead of Blake, this series picks up six months after the season ended and goes from there.
--Miscellaneous things relating to Ninja Storm, including random dialogue, some standalone stories, the amulet series, songfics, and my tongue-in-cheek conviction that Hunter is the devil.

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