Safe Zone

"You think the only people who are people
are the people who look and think like you"

This page is both people-tolerant and Earth-friendly. All life is respected here, regardless of beliefs, origin, appearance or lifestyle. The only thing not tolerated is the intent to do harm. Earth is an island, and there's only one. We all have to learn to live together.

"Safe Zones" began as a support program for members of the LGBT community. But this program embodies a spirit of tolerance that should be far more widespread than the acceptance of just one minority. There's room in our minds for every way, and we are surrounded by people who are different from ourselves. Everyone has something to offer. Everyone can teach us something.

My roommate has a bumper sticker that says, "If you love the Creator, take care of creation", and we are all creation. Imagine if all of creation got together and decided individuals were more important than image. We should remember that each one of us is only one of billions--but together, we are strong. We *can* change things.

"Somehow it's all up to us
we've got to take this world
and make it a world of love"
--Mary Chapin Carpenter

The Aerie

Respect, Recycle, Reclaim