Quote Reality

Quote Reality is only "real" in the sense that it's completely made up.
It's based on two assumptions*, but unfortunately I don't know what they are.
Basically there's a lot of inexplicable author/character interaction,
for no real reason except that it's fun and we like it.

Adri & the Oliverettes

by Starhawk
That's what happens to people who skip meetings.

Happy Holidays
by Starhawk and Travler
You don't need calculus for quantum mechanics.

by Starhawk
"How does the turn of the century sound?"

Fraternal Quadruplets!
by Adrienne Sekitou
I can say "never again" in sign language ::smirk::

Damn the Torpedoes
by Starhawk
Some days are just too long for their own good.

Easter Crafts
by Starhawk and Travler
"Ireland, I am coming home..." What?

by Starhawk
No matter how much I give him, he's never satisfied.

Cake And Accusations
by Adrienne Sekitou
"Would a truck be enough of a smack upside the head to give him a clue?"

by Starhawk
An anonymous April Fool's mission involving glitter.

Anonymous Source
by Adrienne Sekitou
"Born on the fourteenth of July, the smell of roses made her cry"

Fins To The Left
by Adrienne Sekitou
"How are we supposed to move an entire party in less than a minute?"

The Great White Thing Chase
by Starhawk, Travler, and Adrienne Sekitou
Adri has a birthday and the characters have a very brief cameo.

November's End
by Starhawk and Adrienne Sekitou
"Fifty thousand words. Thirty days. An unforgettable ride." --Chris Baty

The Aerie

*Assumption 1: Both our world and the Rangers' world are real.
Assumption 2: Both our world and the Rangers' world are made up.