A rush of cold air hit him full in the face, reassuringly familiar on this bizarre night. He leaned into the freezer and just breathed it in, letting the chill wash over him. This, at least, he knew. This was part of him.

This was Bobby Drake with his head in the freezer.

He sighed, stepping back and giving the various contents a critical glance. There was no lack of choices. Ice cream requests were filled faithfully every week, and he had tried to no avail to find out which of the staff was responsible so he could thank them.

Despite the exotic appeal of cherry bubblegum, moose tracks, and grasshopper pie, he decided to go the more familiar route. He'd had enough surprises for one night, and the fact that he was ambivalent about the entire situation only made it more unsettling. Grabbing a carton of vanilla and a spoon, he plunked himself down at the table and started in.

First spoonful. John had kissed him. Just up and kissed him, out of the blue, with no reason or warning. One minute, math homework, the next, random kissing. It was enough to make him wonder if his friend was resorting to new extremes to avoid studying.

Second spoonful. Rogue had seen the whole thing. He knew John hadn't meant her to--scratch that, he didn't know. He had no idea what had been going through John's mind. He still didn't have the faintest idea what John meant or didn't mean.

Third spoonful. The glare Jubilee had thrown his way as he ran out of the library after Rogue told him louder than words that she hadn't been the only one watching. So now he was going to have half the school on his case for hurting someone he'd never meant to hurt, and he didn't even know why.

Fourth spoonful. Half the school started with Kitty, with whom Rogue had sought solace after the library incident. She had barred him from their room immediately, and he couldn't help noticing that she hadn't even been in her pajamas when she threw him out. Was there anyone who didn't ignore lights out these days?

Fifth spoonful. He doubted it. With his luck, anyone who hadn't actually been watching would know by morning, and by "anyone" he mostly meant Rogue's erstwhile guardian. Half the school definitely ended with--

He put his spoon down, staring at the door in horror. Logan glared back at him. Couldn't there be just one person--preferably this one--who wasn't wandering the halls at twelve-thirty in the morning?

"Doesn't anybody sleep around here?" Logan grumbled, his tone disgusted but definitely not homicidal. That had to be a good sign. He must not know yet... but could he smell fear?

"Apparently not," Bobby muttered, eyeing the door longingly.

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