"Suddenly you're in this fight alone
Stepping out into the great unknown"

He couldn't take it anymore. Jerking his coat over his shoulders, he pushed himself to his feet. He could feel their eyes on him as he headed for the hatch. "I'm tired of this kids' table stuff," he snapped, tossing the words back at them as the steps lowered themselves to the ground. "I'm going out there."

Rogue's voice made him turn, a pleading expression on her face. "But they told us to stay here!"

Her voice made him turn... but it was Bobby's gaze he sought. "Do you always do what you're told?" he demanded, willing his friend to understand. He couldn't sit here any longer, trapped as surely as they had been at the Drakes' home in Boston. He wouldn't wait passively for them to find him, to strip away every illusion of safety and make him helpless again. He couldn't wait.

But Bobby didn't answer, and Rogue wasn't enough to make him stay. He walked off of the Blackbird and out into the snow, kicking up little drifts of the white stuff with every step. His power was fire, yet he couldn't seem to escape the ice.

"And the night's the hardest time
When the doubts run through your mind"

Pain, sharp and shattering inside his head as he clawed his way back to consciousness. Fingers clutching his, a grip hard enough to warm the cold even through her gloves. His groan as he tried to lift his head, and a whimper that was the only sound she let herself make. They were still alive.

"I've gotta find John," he whispered, blue eyes staring into hers. "You be all right?"

She swallowed, her attempt at a nod making her wince. Somehow he found the hatch, fumbling his way through and following tracks that the wind had yet to erase. Whatever had happened to them had to have happened to John too. He couldn't have made it to the spillway yet--could he?

"John!" He could see the shadow of his friend up ahead, walking, trudging, pausing at the sound of his name. He broke into a run, the snow not slowing him in the slightest. He caught up to John easily, brought up short by the wariness on his friend's face. "Hey... you--did you feel that? You okay?"

The other boy nodded slowly. "You?"

"Yeah," he said, trying to catch his breath. "Yeah, I'm good. Listen--come on back with me, okay? We're gonna take the jet and get out of here. Get up in the air, at least, see what's going on." The words spilled out of him, stumbling a little in his haste to hold John's attention. "You were right--we can't just sit around doing nothing."

The moment stretched out, scaring him enough that his palms started to go cold as he waited on John's reply. Finally, though, the echo of a familiar smirk flashed across the pyrokinetic's face. "Yeah," he said at last. "Let's go."

He breathed out in relief, breath frosting in the cold air. John slung an arm over his shoulders as they turned to retrace their steps, and that simple gesture sent a grateful flush all the way to his toes. His power was ice, yet he couldn't seem to escape the fire.

"Suddenly you find yourself alone
Suddenly, you find yourself"

Run Away