I Wonder...

1)How many Starburst candies you can eat before your blood sugar is so high it qualifies as corn syrup instead of blood.
2)How many times you can try to start a car over the course of four hours before you give up and borrow someone else's jumper cables.
3)Whether or not there was a Voyager episode called "Twisted", in which the whole ship turned into a sort of maze.
4)If Cutter would consider dying his hair, since *someone* has now got me stuck on the idea that Andros and Zhane are elves.
5)How often you can watch Collin Raye's "I Can Still Feel You" video before you start seeing everything in black and white.
6)Why Jupiter has never been sucked into the supermassive black hole that is supposedly at the heart of our galaxy, since that seems like a good place for it.
7)Whether Kris or Timmin was the yellow Ranger, since there's never been a female green Ranger, and for some reason this seems really important.
8)If, as someone downstairs observed while I was watching PRS today, "you get an automatic "A" if your brain explodes during finals."
9)Why there's an upside-down box of Cap'n Crunch cereal on my windowsill, considering I don't like cereal and my roommate hates "Captain Crunch".
10)What my Astronomy professor would say if I asked to buy a vowel during tomorrow's exam.

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