"Time has no beginning
And history has no bounds"

1)So there are these Wild Force Rangers.
2)They have really cool uniforms.
3)Definitely the best uniforms since Aquitar.
4)I didn't have to be at work till ten today, so I saw almost a whole episode.
5)I missed part of the middle because the cable and I had a little misunderstanding about the difference between "on" and "channel".
6)Namely the fact that I thought I was turning the TV back on and the cable thought I was changing the channel.
7)It seems worth noting that on our cable box it's the same thing.
8)Since there's only one button, it's up to the cable to interpret what you're trying to do when you press it.
10)Yes, I turn the TV off during commercials. Leave me alone.
11)Anyway, I was a little unclear on who the characters actually were and why they kept showing shots of Japan floating in the sky, but then I realized something fundamental about Power Rangers.
12)It's much more interesting if you have to guess what's going on.
13)From now on, I think all incarnations of Power Rangers should start in the middle of the season, forcing viewers to fill in the backstory on their own.
14)I also wish they would stop trying to humanize the villains.
15)The show is only 18 minutes long to begin with; they really don't have time for lengthy explanations of which new plot isn't going to work this week.
16)Maybe they could just get their own show: "Power Rangers Villains".
17)Then anyone who actually cares what the Master Villain is going to do to their lackeys for once again failing to destroy the Power Rangers could watch without wasting precious hero cliche moments.
18)Speaking of which, do they live in that cave?
19)Yeah, that's what I thought.
20)They're certainly continuing their downward spiral in the quality of living arrangements.
21)First, they all had their own houses. Then they started sharing.
22)After that, they settled for having their own rooms, but it wasn't long before they were sharing those, too.
23)Then they gave up on the room idea, and they all just slept together on the floor.
24)Now they don't even have a floor!
25)It's tough to be a Ranger these days.

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