"I keep thinking you have your hair up. And that this makes Phantom look like he has an on/off switch,
which I feel like Cassie would appreciate. 'Oh, look over there! Oops!'"

1)So my dad is full of all sorts of useful advice.
2)When I went for a visit in the Bible Belt, he was like, "You might have to go to church at some point. Just remember: there is no appropriate time to laugh."
4)When he found me reading his copy of "American Farrier", he said, "It's easier to take if you just accept that all horse people are insane. They're completely nuts."
5)And today, between my roommate's wedding and her reception (which were inexplicably scheduled five and a half hours apart) I distinctly recall complaining that about the tradition of freezing the top tier of the wedding cake and eating it on the couple's one-year anniversary.
6)In fact, I believe my exact remark was, "I know it's tradition, but it's STUPID!"
7)I don't call things stupid lightly, but it was a long afternoon of mild silliness and very, very slow speakers.
8)And I say that in the fondest way, because I adore both Lidi and Steve and wish them the utmost happiness.
9)But I once again found wisdom in my father's words: "The first thing you learn about weddings is that everything about them is stupid."
10)It amuses me to hear my father say things like that because he's really the quiet, brooding artist type. But periodically he lets that maniacal light shine in his eyes and his philosophy just cracks me up.
11)At any rate, my sister also found time to share her own commentary on the whole wedding situation.
12)The two of us were having dinner--well, she was eating while she watched me wrap Lidi and Steve's present--and I happened to be singing.
13)This only disconcerts people that I don't know, because most people I spend significant amounts of time with pretend I'm listening anyway and just talk over me.
14)She told me, "You know, someone's going to ask you what you're singing and you're going to have to tell them that it's Spike's song from Buffy the Vampire Slayer."
15)Now, as it turns out she was right, though I did try to restrain myself when it came to singing the words "rest in peace" in a festive churchy setting.
16)But Jared and I had a rather interesting discussion of the whole Buffy musical while we were waiting in the receiving line, and apparently one of his former professors did his PhD dissertation on how "Buffy the Vampire Slayer is the foundation of America".
17)Then there was the whole dinner conversation about "reporting live from Veryverybad, deep in the heart of Hotdogistan... 'My top aide is not dead! This cardboard cutout can do everything he did! And I do so have nuclear weapons, I just choose not to use them!'"
18)Between "Buffy is America" and "Veryverybad in Hotdogistan", we decided that pretty much no one at our table should ever be present at any sort of polictical summit.

"Let me rest in peace
Let me get some sleep
Let me take my love and bury it
In a hole six feet deep
I can lay my body down
But I can't find my sweet release
Let me rest in peace
Why won't you let me rest in peace!"

Run Away