"Must... learn... stuff..."

"You can only fit so many people around a dead cat;
that's what I've learned from this class."

1)I'm told Vertebrate Morphology is the hardest course in the Zoology major.
2)I don't know if that's actually true.
3)But it makes everyone feel better to say it.
4)There's a lab practical this afternoon, and as always the "review session" last night was interesting.
5)Review sessions consist of students going into the lab, staring at the stuff we're supposed to be able to identify, and complaining about how sucky this class is.
6)It's actually kind of comforting. A good stress reliever.
7)Sometimes we even learn something.
56.25)Lab review sessions are the best part of this course.
8)So I was there till eleven last night, and by then we were all getting a little weird.

"Imagine if you had an alligator skull. Think how quickly you could eat a sandwich. Even a sub!"
"How do moose stand up with these antlers? My head would fall off."
"Do you think I'll get credit if I call this 'a cat part'?" "Considering that that's a sheep brain, no."
"What's this?" "Supraspinous fossa, infraspinous fossa, scapular spine, metacromion process, and glenoid fossa." "Yeah, but what's the bone?" "Uh... scapula?"
"I think we should just hide all the skulls. That way we can't be tested on them."
"This bird must have been in 'The Exorcist'. Look, he can turn his head all the way aro--oops. Is it supposed to come off?"
"I want one of these vertebrae chains." "Yeah, they should give everyone one to study from." "Actually, I was thinking it would make a great mobile."
"I wish this was like those movies, where the exams are all in the front desk and the students just have to steal them."
"Why does the humerus look just like every other disarticulated cat bone?" "No, see, it has this hole here. The supracon-whatever, at the bottom." "Oh... a hole. That's funny. Hole, funny, humerus. Got it."
"I can't believe how much stuff I know. I mean, I must have the words to hundreds, if not thousands of songs floating around in my head. Yet I can't remember the nerves of the shark brain. Next year we should have singing professors."
"We should focus all this energy into finding a sledgehammer. If everything's broken, they can't test us on it." "Me and Sam offered to cut all the veins and arteries in the cats before the last practical, but no one would back us up."

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