"You're tearing tonight!"
"I go fast. That's all I do."

1)So the three second rule.
2)What's that all about?
3)You know, you drop food and if you can pick it up in three seconds you can eat it?
4)My mom doesn't have a very high opinion of this rule, by the way.
5)I suspect most moms probably don't.
6)She wants to know if the germs have heard of this rule.
7)"Do you think they *wait* three seconds before jumping on the food so you can get it first?"
8)I'd just like to say that I learned it as the ten second rule.
9)I was backpacking at the time, which may explain a few things.
10)Dude, back me up here--who started it?
11)All I really remember is Chris dropping something under the table, and Yona exclaiming, "Ten seconds--it's still good!"
12)Anyway, Lidi was horrified to hear "ten second rule!" when she dropped something in the kitchen.
13)She was like, "I thought it was the five second rule!"
14)Amanda happened to be in the living room, and she was like, "No, it's three seconds."
15)We never resolved these dramatically differing philosophies.
16)I guess it all depends on how slow you think germs are.
17)Myself, I'm inclined to think "very slow".
18)I mean, they don't have any legs, after all.

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