"All that's left to chart
Is nothing less than your own heart"
--Dar Williams

1)You know what's very relaxing? Other than rain, listening to rain, watching rain, and smelling rain?
2)That is, when you know you don't need to be out in the rain if you don't want to be, for days at a time or otherwise?
3)Sewing. Especially sewing clothes, I find very relaxing.
4)I don't even have to be making new clothes, I can just be repairing old ones.
5)In fact, I think clothes repair is more relaxing than clothes creation, because there's no pressure.
6)First off, you already know what it's going to look like. And second, once you're done you don't have to worry about ruining it.
7)If it's old enough to be repaired, it's old enough to wear anywhere, that's what I say.
8)...My "anywhere" is apparently places where one wears old clothes, not new ones. I find that amusing.
9)True, but amusing. Because after all, "Anywhere you can't go in jeans isn't worth going."
10)This is my mom's philosophy, something her daughters have taken to heart--much to her occasional dismay.
11)So I was repairing a pair of jeans this afternoon, and I thought to myself, this would make a good picture.
12)I felt like it was a good metaphor for the good things in life, you know?
13)It's not that hard to take your own picture, so I got out my camera and realized two things.
14)One, I have no idea how to use my camera, but I don't typically let that stop me. There are only so many buttons.
15)Two, there are few things that will boost your self-esteem like taking good pictures of yourself.
16)Seriously, set up a timer and smile, and it's like, instant beauty.
17)I think sometimes we get so used to seeing ourselves in the mirror that we focus on little imperfections instead of overall effect.
18)If we could just see ourselves the way other people see us, I think we'd all be blown away.
19)I don't actually know any ugly people, you know? I mean, really... do you?
20)I can't think of anyone I'd call unattractive off the top of my head, and yet sometimes I think that about myself.
21)That seems very silly to me. Clearly, we're all beautiful, and clearly, we all stress over not being beautiful.
22)I don't know about you, but I'm over it.

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