"An angel on a pink Schwinn
I could never forget"

1)I had a blue Schwinn.
2)A third generation blue Schwinn that went on to become my sister's.
3)Not that that's really relevant, but that's what the song makes me think of.
4)Finals finished yesterday.
5)Residents, except for graduating seniors, were supposed to be out of their buildings by five o'clock today.
6)This "except for graduating seniors" turns out to be a key clause.
7)More specifically, the "graduating" part.
8)There's a lot of seniors living out here in the apartments, and we basically ignored any deadline except for the seven o'clock Saturday moveout time.
9)This turned out to be a problem come five o'clock today.
10)My roommate and I were coming back from dinner with her family, and we went to check our mail.
11)She got out her ID to let us into the community center, but to her surprise the door wouldn't unlock.
12)You'll note that this did not surprise me in the slightest, since my ID perpetually malfunctions.
13)I've never broken, demagnetized, or lost my ID, but the university has had to issue me four different cards since freshman year.
14)I swear I don't do anything to it, it just spontaneously fails.
15)Anyway, I slid my ID through the reader, and for once it worked.
16)We went about our business until we ran into Martin right outside our building.
17)"Do either of your IDs still work?" he wanted to know.
18)I was like, "Yeah; why wouldn't they?"
19)It was at this point that the distinction between "senior" and "graduating senior" became clear to us.
20)Only graduating seniors are legally allowed to be in the apartments right now.
21)Or at least, that's the theory.
22)The practical reality is that everyone we know returning to their apartment tonights knocks on our window so I can come let them in.
23)The irony of Malfunctioning ID Girl becoming the door person for most of building GHI is not lost on me.

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