I love my roommate.

1)"You didn't know my name until three weeks after I moved in?"
2)"Why is the PHANTOM Ranger black? Shouldn't the Black Ranger be black?"
3)"When you don't have any clean spoons, it's time to wash your dishes."
4)"Man, these walls are really hard. They sure don't make it easy to break the rules around here."
5)"I'm going to cordon off the quad. No one can drive through after ten o'clock at night."
6)"My plants didn't need all this water. Do you need some?"
7)"Why are we hearing sirens? It's too early in the morning for anyone to have done anything!"
8)"Did Andros say anything interesting today?"
9)"This fern is really dead. What am I going to do with it? I know--I'll freeze it!"
10)"My boyfriend asked me if I needed to bring stuff home. I was like, of course I have to bring stuff home. Why do I have a boyfriend?"
11)"Are you sure you have enough light? I don't want the PHANTOM Ranger to sneak up on you or anything."
12)"You caught a candle holder on fire? How is that possible?"
13)"I think the fact that there's ice in the orange juice might be a sign that our refrigerator is too cold."
14)"You're writing about me? What are you saying?"

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