"The Gay Writer"

1)My sister and I were talking about whether the Rangers we like the least are the ones we're most like.
2)It came up because it seems like many fans have nothing in common with their favorite Ranger.
3)I'll try to avoid embarassing people by talking about them, but I like Hunter.
4)What do I have in common with Hunter, right? Nothing!
5)Someone said to me recently that I do, on the other hand, sound rather like Dustin.
6)Dustin's a nice guy. I don't have anything against him. But I really like Hunter.
7)So my sister was like, "Is it that we like Rangers that aren't like us, or that we don't like Rangers that are?"
8)I thought that was a really good question. It seems true that often the people we don't like in our personal lives exhibit some trait of ours that we wish we didn't have to see.
9)So we started going through Power Ranger eras, trying to remember who our favorite and least favorite characters had been and comparing them to ourselves.
10)It was harder than it sounds, for several reasons.
11)One, of course, neither of us actually remembers what happened last week, let alone on TV ten years ago.
12)Two, thanks to fanfic, our perceptions of some characters have been altered somewhat.
13)Trying to compare ourselves to anyone in Space was a basically futile exercise.
14)Three, once you start overthinking this sort of thing, you immediately negate whatever marginal psychological value the exercise might have had.
15)Nonetheless, it was an entertaining discussion, and revealing in terms of our self-image if nothing else.
16)We went through several seasons, starting with Time Force and eventually ending back in Mighty Morphin, and concluded that the Ranger we liked best was NEVER the one we were most like.
17)The one we were most like wasn't always the one we liked least, but it often did end up being the one that was, effectively, the opposite of our favorite.
18)Afterwards, we started looking for patterns in the Ranger colors of the characters we liked.
19)It was at this point that my sister remarked, "I can't believe I'm thinking about this."
20)Nonetheless, she decided that she liked Blue Rangers more consistently than any other color: Billy, Rocky, TJ, Kai, Lucas.
21)Yet she shares more personality traits with the Red Rangers, namely Jason, Andros, Wes (she hates Wes), and Shane.
22)I was like, "Well, you're in luck, because I think Red Rangers are usually my favorite."
23)I thought that was a hard thing to say, since the Red Ranger is so often set up as the hero of the show, so was it expected that I would like them best?
24)I decided not, since she likes Blue Rangers--either she's a rebel, or I really do like Red Rangers.
25)She also pointed out that it's ironic that I would like Red Rangers best, since they ought to embody the issues I have with authority.
26)I found that very funny, but it didn't change the fact that Red is more often my favorite Ranger than any other.
27)I'm probably more like the Yellow Rangers, though, namely Ashley (I hate Ashley), Kelsey, Katie, and Dustin.
28)This has nothing to do with the title of the page, but at this point I guess that's a whole other story.

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