I'm feeling more random than usual. I was brushing my teeth a minute ago and I was like, "I bet I could make a completely random list of things that sort of relate to Power Rangers." Of coure, now I realize that that means my use of the word "completely" is inaccurate, and it further occurs to me to wonder, "So?" But I'm going to do it anyway, because it entertains me.

1)Those darn Cassie/Phantom eps. I can never remember what order they went in, which is obviously important because they were having an affair.
2)Justin, the Turbo Ranger with the fewest lines of stupid dialogue per show. Plus he could kick up his heels; that's a skill everyone should have.
3)The world's largest bowl of cookie dough. I don't know what that has to do with anything, but it just popped into my head.
4)Armor versus spandex. Martin offered his opinion yesterday, and he's never even seen the show. I was startled.
5)The fact that Leo is a dork. I'm sorry, but he's the goofiest looking Ranger I've ever seen, and my roommate backs me up on this.
6)Cestria's completely inexplicable attraction to Billy. He's a lucky guy; she's unbelievably cute.
7)The Magna Defender's two weeks notice. I would have fired him after that long anyway.
8)My new cleaning motto which yes, I find extremely relevant: "If it's hot enough to steam, it's hot enough to clean."
9)Carter and that bad girl, what's her name. The one who drives the go-kart. Chemistry almost good enough to make up for her carboard box on wheels defeating his three-ton *Hummer*...
10)Rocky's dojo. I wonder if they ever have free barbecues, because I think that would be fun.
11)People who sleepwalk. Think how incredibly much trouble that would have caused on the Megaship.
12)Astronema. It's a good thing she's a sorceress, because I really have this thing about dreadlocks. I mean, what good is hair if you can't brush it?
13)The Dragon Dagger and Tommy's complete lack of musical ability. Have you ever tried to finger what he was playing? Yeah...
14)Sleeping bags. They've completely replaced the bedroll, and I think that's sad. Bedrolls were so much more versatile. You can't towel off with a sleeping bag.
15)Late nights in the Power Chamber. I mean, there must have been a few. I can just see them playing Twister with Ghostbuster music going in the background at two in the morning.
16)Drunk Power Rangers. Man, that would be scary.
17)The Phantom Ranger drunk. Sorry, that was just a natural followup. I think I'll move on.
18)An Alien Ranger webpage. "Say hi to Billy--sign our guestbook!"
19)Dulcea in the wintertime. Must be rough. Even Aisha was wearing a sweatshirt.
20)Black pickup trucks. I wonder how many post-Zeo couples have gone parking in a starship. Would it be cold? ...Never mind; silly question.
21)Best opening theme music. So Lost Galaxy. Lightspeed Rescue though, wow. As repetitive as Mighty Morphin and without the great sound.
22)Barefooters in state parks. They contribute so much less to trail erosion, and they almost never litter.
23)The destruction of the Megaship. Raise your hand if you saw "The Iron Giant". Oh yeah!
24)Cassie's ring in those crossover eps. Honestly, she's the type to wear rings on any finger she wants just because she can.
25)Aliens. We could learn a lot from them. They always have good hair.
26)If I lived in Angel Grove? It wouldn't be nearly this late.

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