"John Brown's green, the devil's red
Mama's little boy loves shortening bread"
--"The Devil Came Back To Georgia"

1)This whole posting of solstice carols is fast, easy, and festive.
2)It seems there's only so much time in the season, after all. But today I feel like editorializing.
3)That's really a new thing for me, right?
4)Someone wrote in to the paper the other day, and we were talking about it.
5)This person was offended because she was Jewish.
6)Well, actually, I imagine that her Jewish heritage didn't bother her that much.
7)It was because her Christian friends were sending her Christmas cards that she was in a snit.
8)I know what it's like to be a minority, you know?
9)But as Lynn says, "Some people just refuse to be happy this time of year!"
10)First off, Marci points out that Christmas cards aren't for the people that get them.
11)They're for the people that send them. It's part of their tradition.
12)What, we can't show a little respect for each other's rituals?
13)Second, what WOULD have made this person happy, exactly?
14)She was offended by Christmas cards because she wasn't Christian.
15)She would have been offended by Hanukkah cards because her friends weren't Jewish.
16)She would have been offended to get NO cards because then she would have been left out!
17)At least, I assume she would have. She's the kind of person who writes in to the local newspaper to complain about people sending her cards, after all.
18)Third, I don't send people seasonal cards because it's a pain in the butt.
19)But it's nice to get them, to know that certain people are still alive. I'm fine with that.
20)Amanda sent a Christmas card that quoted Bible scripture and everything, and I was just like, "Oh, that's so cute!"
21)And it really is, too, it has a little bear and a star on the front and everything.
22)I think it's really hard to be offended by people you like.
23)I think being offended is something you have to work at anyway, so it's much easier to just let things go.
24)At the counter protest for Gene Robinson's consecration, I was not offended.
25)I was disturbed by the signs being held by Mean People, but mostly I was happy about all the "fine by me" t-shirts.
26)Someone wrote an editorial about it afterward in which they pretended to be objective in the way that they weren't at all.
27)It was entitled, "Wait, who does god hate?"
28)It was very funny, and the author concluded by saying, "If these people, the ones protesting something as irrelevant as the sexual orientation of a bishop, are the only ones who will be going to heaven, I will gladly walk through the gates of hell with everyone else."
29)I'm not saying we should never be offended. There are things worth drawing attention to.
30)The Student Environmental Action Coalition likes to say, "If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention."
31)I just think that if we let EVERYTHING offend us, we won't have any energy left over for the stuff that matters.

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