"People are scared of me. Seriously, they told me so."
--Adri, who wore her grinch costume to the family Christmas party

"I wished someone a Merry Christmas yesterday and received a whole tirade about 'it's too early to say that', so I've decided to play it safe and not say 'Merry Christmas' until the stroke of midnight tonight. I don't really know who I'm gonna be yelling 'Merry Christmas!' to around 12am, but darn it, after all the trouble I'm going through, I'm gonna find someone."
--TJ, whose e-mail came with the subject line, 'Merry Day Before Christmas!'

So I hope everyone's having a lovely holiday. A lot of us are doing Christmas right now, which translates loosely as "big present day". Whether we're celebrating the spirit of love and peace, Christ, or Saturnalia, most people are passing around gifts like crazy.

Gifts are fun, as long as they're cheese-grater gifts and not sock gifts. Or, if you don't watch "Sports Night", gifts that are given for more than just the sake of giving, whether they have any intrinsic value to the recipient or not.

Yeah, so anyway, here's a couple things with little intrinsic value but some amount of meaning... I've met some incredibly fun people online, and it's crazy to think that I never would have run into them if I hadn't submitted that "short story" a year and a half ago.

Thanks, guys, and happy holidays :)
(Note the non-discriminatory alphabetical order)

Adrienne Sekitou

(Hey, "to obsess halfway" is an oxymoron.)

Now, on another note, my sister and I were having a little fun the other day. We get silly when we're wrapping. Not that anyone would know, since our "silly" behavior isn't significantly different from our "normal" behavior.

At any rate, we figured there weren't enough Christmas stories about the Power Rangers out there already. We also figured out why you don't need calculus for quantum mechanics, but that's another issue. In the meantime, we take you live, in a recorded sort of way, behind the scenes of "First Star".

Happy Holidays

I hope everyone gets to celebrate in whatever way they enjoy, and that you find peace in your heart if not in your relative-infested house. Remember to recycle your wrapping paper :)

Merry Christmas Amanda and Andrea!

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