"Sometimes I lay on the ground and imagine that the sky is down
And if the earth should then let go, I'd fall into the stars below"
--Peter Mayer

1)You know what I like? Air. Air is so amazing.
2)I'm in total awe of air. On the phone this morning my sister said, "This is awe."
3)It totally is. I live in a near perpetual state of awe.
4)I also like water, to the point where Adri apparently thinks I should be a water ninja.
5)Now if I had Kat here, she would say "I like rocks," so all the elements would be covered.
6)I mean, the important elements, which are the ones that the Wind Ninjas had on Power Rangers last year.
7)Just to clarify what I mean when I say "all," which is not the definition you'll find in the dictionary.
8)I don't think. I don't actually know that, I'm just guessing. I haven't looked.
9)Another thing I like is the way air moves... it's a really nice day out, can you tell?
10)The breeze is just beautiful, and the trees are amazing, and it's just... awe.
11)Also, last night I got to fly at night for the first time that I can remember.
12)It's funny that it was last night, since I had just read Xtina's post about night flying.
13)She compared the lights to stars. I thought they looked like the ocean.
14)The cities looked like waves of fire breaking over the land, currents of light like sparkling phosphorescence.
15)It's funny that they looked like fire, sort of a double symbol of that which consumes and that which sustains.
16)Human settlement, that is. But then I thought about it and I realized that they would, since most of them are probably incandescent.
17)Incandescent lights are the ones that burn, right? There was fluourescence too, white light instead of orange.
18)It reminded me how little I know about what's going on around me. The trees did that this morning.
19)You can't predict us, they said. We are not part of the life you take for granted.
20)And I can't: I don't know what they look like in the winter, or what color their leaves turn in the fall.
21)When do they leaf out in the spring? What kind of birds live among the lightning-burned branches?
22)Jupiter hung right in the middle of my window as our little embraer jet came in to land last night.
23)It was consistent, something I've always known, with four visible moons I couldn't pick out without my binocculars.
24)The same planet in a different sky. The same me in a different world.
25)This is my favorite kind of perspective.

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